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Weekly Round Up - nothing out of the ordinary, finished Manga book, Pub Lunch, reading Mastery by Robert.

Nothing interesting this week as work has been very busy and by the time I get back all I want to do is have dinner, unwind and then go to bed.

Travel is back to normal

I'm back on my normal bus route, so it's cheaper now and less eventful. I just posted Liverpool street as an image.

Mastery by Robert Green

This is another book,I picked up from Director Boss while he was sorting out his cupboard, and I borrowed it. So I'm going to work my way through it, to be honest I'm unconvinced. It gives the same old self-help power rhotic but hey, who am I to turn down an offer to be a MASTER? Apparently it gives all the secrets away and helps in the pursuit of mastery. That is a tall order for any book to offer. However since I'm not buying it and can borrow it for free, I'll read it. It only costs my time. However note I do have a health amount of scepticism reading these types of books. 

However what really irritates me about these books is that everyone has a purpose. Yeah, and if you don't have that purpose you are failing in life. I was brought up believing that, and read too many books sprouting the same old stuff. 

I guess what is your purpose in life, is as good as asking what is the meaning of life. What is the purpose of a fly? A rabbit? A chicken in a farm? Are the purpose of all creatures other than man to serve man? There is an innately Christian or perhaps biblical thought about it. Folks spend their lives seeking purpose rather than satisfaction. So we are all born for a purpose is interesting. Whose purpose is that? Our parents, family, community? Is it a divine purpose? The mind boggles but yeah. 

What of those who think their purpose is the help others find purpose for that is probably more lucrative  in the long run. Perhaps purpose is better called ambition and aspirations...Anyway when I start reading the book, I'll let you know. I'm thinking of doing blog posts on it.

Finished the Manga drawing book

I completed the goal but so as not to clutter this post, I've outlined the steps in my other goal post, if you are interested in my next drawing goal or steps, I've done another post.

Pub Lunch

Went out to lunch with Big Momma. I normally have ham and eggs and this pub does a nice ham and eggs  with chips and tomato chutney. Okay, I admit the eggs were a bit overdone this time but it tasted okay. - I'm not sure if it's gammon but it isn't as salty as other meals I have. The chips are delicious. They seem to have redecorated it.

Once in a while, I got out for a pub meal with Big Momma. Normally on a Sunday so I can have a roast with all the trimming. So roast beef/lamb/chicken with vegetables, roast potatoes and a Yorkshire pudding. However some of the pubs around me are gourmet (gastro-pubs) or offer an alternative like Thai food.That's Big Momma in at the table while I order. Typical pub, you order at the bar.

When I was a kid, my childhood home street had about eight pubs, now only two of them survive, others have be knocked down and turned into luxury flats. Yes, such is regeneration in London Town. I guess also customer habits have changed - people are more into coffee shops, going online etc.

Road Works Everywhere...

What is it with London Town and the end of the fiscal year? It always seems they want to finish up the year-end budget so there are plenty of road works around this time. Don't get me started.


As I said things are fairly boring as I'm working hard and tired when I get back so not up to much.


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