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Destination Publication: Post #01 - Thomas brother #1 (Leyton & Angelica's story) - progress report, writing goals & editing update

I've changed the title to Destination Publication since that's the main goal.

Last Week update

I wrote twenty pages of the new segment and it's pretty hot. Then only thing is now I either have to edit on paper or type up my notes. I'm more inclined to type up my notes. As to the editing lesson, I'm putting that on hold for now until I get a lesson that resonates with me. All writers write differently and since I've been writing for decades - though not for publication, I'm inclined to think I know what's best for me.

I hand write because I flow better and there is less chance of a distraction. It's hard to go on social media or read up on something. Actually that's not strictly too. I got distracted by side stories, so I did manage to outline the villain's story. Sometimes, I have secondary antagonists  or characters that are redeemable or have a story so I tend to outline those.

Typically this novel is centred around a family of men. I started with cousin Reid Thomas as an introduction but this book is about the control freak brother finding love. The series is loosely based on three brothers - these are romances, then I have about two other stories. Plus other stuff. Yes, I enter into a different world in my writing.

This week 

IN LESSON THIRTEEN: You will track and complete all your conflicts. This is where you make sure you don't leave any threads hanging, but it's also where you make sure that every thread you're running belongs in the story and matters on several different levels.  You’ll fix the places where you committed action rather than conflict (committing action is bad), you’ll buildreal, meaningful conflict, keep only the conflicts that improve your story, raise the stakes for your characters, and bring it all to a satisfying conclusion...
 so that you can...  Keep your readers turning YOUR pages. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s how you keep getting paid. - Holly Lisle How to Revise your Novel Outline.

I've checked out the lesson and it's good but tends to be something I work at scene level. Most, if not all of Holly's course works off-the-manuscript worksheets, which is okay but I like to do draft passes. I guess for now I'm looking at it two ways. For me, this will be excellent in planning a novel, or revising in sections because it feels essentially like planning a revision before committing which is fine, only it will bore me, well it has for the past few weeks. But I guess editing my novel wasn't the problem it was that I had a missing part which I've fixed now. However for me, the real editing part of the course has started to kick in so we'll see. However for now I'm putting the course materials on hold since I'm not following the format for now.

Does that mean the end of editing update? A change in blog format.

No, it's just I don't have anything to report, unless I put my writing goals here.  Okay, so I belong to a goals group in my writing workshop on, and these were the goals I outlined. I also belong to a romance group where I post my goals. This is a combination of the two formats. It's probably neater going forward.  It will just be posting my writing goals and progress.

Novel/novella: Thomas brother #1 (working title - basically Leyton & Angelica's story)

Progress: I wrote about twenty pages by hand so I just need to type them up or something. Not sure the word count but it's done which is the main point.

Editing/writing goals for week -  21th April 2019

A1.1 Need to decide if handwritten pages are typed or edited on paper
A1.1.1   smoothen transitions to make it fit the rest of the manuscript 
A1.2 Outline a plan for practicing grammar - this is mainly to polish the draft.
A1.3 Outline a plan to revise plotting and setting lessons so I can apply
A1.4 Read HL's next editing lesson.
A2.1 Write a difficult reveal scene, I'll probably need to write this from two different view points.


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