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The Write Publish Profit 5.0. And My Earn $100 challenge!

The InfoStack  This is my second update and the jury is still out. I guess I got what I wanted because it gave me some grace with Scribophile which is six months and there are a few products I thought were worth getting in the package but nothing I would pay the full price for. Because let's face it you can get everything from free on the internet if you know where to look or are willing to go down some rabbit holes..  Let's face it with 52 products then an additional 18 for some reason there is going to be a lot of chaff. Now chaff and rubbish is relative so I don't want to shame people's products or hard work and others may find it useful,  therefore I'll just review what I found useful. Positive? I think so. There is too much nastiness in the world and I'm not about to contribute to it.  HOWEVER and the caveat is I'm very unlikely to buy any of these products at the face value and I do think, my opinion, that some were specially made as lead-ins.  My Earn