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#38 Daily Writing Journal - Editing Update my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica.

Editing Update my urban lit African American romance  - Leyton and Angelica I'm pleased with my progress but though I have a schedule with writing, I work in a storm, a zone, I just get lost. This is because  its my escapism and pretty my the only thing I have control over - sometimes. So more often than not I do a little more. However I do have a timer to tell me when its timeout. I'm probably not following the Holly Lisle How to Edit Your Novel lesson one as strictly as I should, like I'm not heading for perfections but note I've been on a lot of courses so I do what I can.  I'm doing with broad strokes but her tasks instilled me with confidence. So far, I've rediscovered a lot of good things and treasures about my story which I hope the reader will enjoy - if I get to keep them. Not there are also a lot of bits that suck!  Remember this is only lesson one. There are also parts that suck. There is a fair bit of emotion. And using Holly Lisle's m

#37 Daily Writing Journal - Bad Cold, stayed in bed. Feeling grump. No update my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica

Bad Cold, stayed in bed My second cold in two weeks. I took time off last week because I was trying to shrug off a cold, only to feel worse for wear. Yesterday, I finally got to the work but came back home. Now, I'm self medicating with lemsips,  pastilles and home-made remedy. Two people suggested hot toddies but I'm not sure whisky is a good idea. Anyway, I'm drinking lemon, honey and hot water. Then the pastilles and lemsip. Not a good time to be ill since I'm rounding up at work, but I've been run down for various reasons - yes writing a blog and my novel is escapism.  Editing my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica Nothing as yet. Still doing the course but I reckon an hour everyday with a bit on weekends will help. The great thing about the assignments is that with my hour slot, I can time how much I can do then then estimate how long it will take me. For example reading my manuscript with the tasks outlined in Holl

#36 Daily Writing Journal - A few mistakes but generally revisions looking good for my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica

EDITING Mistakes! Wrong way! Not following instructions! So got the editing lesson and of course I messed up. Got it wrong. At first glance it seemed easy  but I soon realised there was a lot more going on. Then half way though my hour - like 30 minutes in, I found out I was doing something WRONG. Anyway, I assessed the risk of correcting myself continuing or starting again. I'm not starting again because it will be BORING. And boring sucks! It's demotivating. So I've decided to cut my losses, forget about I've done wrong - leave it wrong but do right....Complicated? I'm a fairly complicated person. Given I have about twenty more lessons to look forward, I don't think making mistakes in the first lesson is such a big deal. Let's talk about positive things! Edit so far: my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica According to Holly's website lesson one is suppose to IN LESSON ONE: You’ll learn how to create your targe

#35 Daily Writing Journal - Gearing up to do Holly Lisle's Revise your novel course for , my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica,

Excited about starting the course! So you all know I was pretty desperate and couldn't see where I was going, so basically I went looking for a course and decided on Holly Lisle course. Mainly because I've seen it knocking about online for a while. I know she's a reliable brand because I bought some of her ebooks back in the day, I know someone on my online writing workshop who spoke highly of course so all in all it's good to go. My commitment will be trying to do as much as I can.  So I've got the first lesson and have printed off the instructions, and I plan to work on it an hour a day. I'm excited about it. I'm not affiliated so I'll  let you know what I think as I go along. So far, it's made me optimistic, when I did the Curtis Brown Creative Edit and Pitch Your Novel and first saw the editing material I was unimpressed (the pitching part is excellent). It was something I could get out of a book. Looking though Holly Lisle's first we

#34 Daily Writing Journal - Facing the truth about editing, Writing & Editing Courses, my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica,

Stressed: Facing the truth about editing Photo by  Nathan Cowley  from  Pexels I finally accepted my editing was going nowhere. I was slow and I could not see the end of it. I just didn't know how to approach it - I had no structure. Sure, I've completed the first Act but I still wasn't sure how to measure. I was at the end of my titter. At the end. Stressed, overeating and frustrated. I just couldn't get it together so I decided needed to take action. I also wanted to complete the book by a certain time  so I could publish and make good an implicit promise to my readers. Desperation: The search for a writing and editing course Photo by  Nick Demou  from  Pexels In desperation, I went looking for a course. I had done an editing course before -  Online Edit and Pitch your novel - from Curtis Brown Creative but to be honest I found the editing part to be an money grab. It's worth doing for the Pitching part but the Editing part you can get in any good

#33 Daily Writing Journal - my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica End of Act 1 in place

So the story is roughly divided into four parts or eight parts, the technically of it doesn't matter so much. And some some people do three. Whatever works! I roughly use Alexandra Sokoloff's method.   I do it in a very loose way and it really depends on if the story works that way. Not all stories will work.  NEVER FORCE A STORY INTO A STRUCTURE. The structure is to help the story not the other way around. This is way I'm considering whether I'm doing a two part Act 1 or a one part Art 1. Complicated? Not really, I just need to figure out a few bits and then roll with it. Recap of Part One. So Angelica is having problems at home. Her friends persuade her to go partying to forget all her problem. There she meets a hot super-sexy thug, and they have a steamy lust-filled one-night stand. In the morning Angelica and the thug part ways. Angelica catches up with her girls about the

#32 Daily Writing Journal - my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica Morning After Sex Scene.

The Morning After is the next scene I've got to tackle. I've done bits of that but I need to write it up and see how it goes. I've also made some fundamental changes so hopefully that will make it seem better. At least it will be easier for me to write in some ways, and perhaps more pleasurable for the reader to read. 5 stars on Good Reads! I got my first five star on GoodReads, I'm feeling so good about it! So pleased!

#31 Daily Writing Journal - my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica Stuck on Sexy Dirty Lust Scene!

 my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica Stuck on Sexy Thugged-out Lust Scene! Yes, I'm stuck on the dirty filthy lust scene. It's not a love scene, it's pure LUST but I'm stuck. Maybe I should just move on. You know the thug in my synopsis? Search under synopsis. An all thugged-out LUST scene! Maybe it's not to happen and I should shut the door in the reader's face. Closed door policy. No sex here please. So moving on from that scene and jumping into the morning after. I'll revise in the next draft pass.

#30 Daily Writing Journal -My 30th POST in a row! my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica.

My 30th Daily Writing Journal Post in a Row! Okay not as daily as I would like it to be, but I'm feeling good. Let me see if I can get to 50 blog posts.  My urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica It's going well! I'm writing again. Sort of. Photo by  Godisable Jacob  from  Pexels I'm now in the carpark. They have left the club and are in the carpark! Once I complete this scene, I've reached a milestone.  Then completed scene is from Angelica's point of view. I can't give too much away of the story but I'm pleased.  Very pleased. It's nice to be writing again. Oh, I think google had confused my time zones so it seems I have two posting on the same day. But then again sometimes I forget to change posting. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks

#29 Daily Writing Journal - I'm ill with a cold, my urban lit African American romance - Big Momma thoughts on Leyton and Angelica Chapter. Politics of Character's Hair & Skin tone

I'm ill with a cold I am laid up in bed with a cold. I got it at the library on Saturday and thought I could throw it off. Not so. The sore throat stage is over but I'm still blocked. my urban lit African American romance - Big Momma thoughts on Leyton and Angelica chapter I read my chapter to Big Momma for her opinion missing out the kissing bits, she can read those in the privacy of her own iPad. She thought it was very mills and boon. Now that doesn't really say much does it? It's a romance so I had to ask her more specific questions like is there enough description? She said yes, she had room to image her own characters.  Characterisation specifics in romance In romance,  I'm rarely character specific unless the feature has something to do with the story. So in this case Leyton's eyes are a specific colour but I'm not sure if that would throw some readers off. I could remove it but it was how I devised the novel. Although as time goes on i

#28 Daily Writing Journal - my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica Progress!

  I feel smiley like this froggie..... My urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica Progress!  I've finished the club scene. Yay! Not the best but it's encouraging and delicious and sexy! Now I just have a just 2 more scenes to write before they break into act two. YAY! I'm feeling good! I've just being stuck on this scene for over a month! Most of it has been procrastination and fear of not knowing what was good enough but I've cracked the second draft so I'm HAPPY. Now if you have read my synopsis you'll know she mets a thug in the club. It's a decent length at 2,300 words. Backstory Short story I'm also working on a backstory short story. It's do with Leyton but maybe Angelica needs one too. Can't say much because it's a spoiler. Or maybe as bonus material at the end of the book. Not sure. Or I could give it to readers who sign up to my newsletter, before I slap on Amazon. Just a thought. Tooth Drama I have

#27 Daily Writing Journa Flash fiction: Womb-Shaming: She Felt Like a Horrible Woman for Not Wanting Children

Photo by  NIKOLAY OSMACHKO  from  Pexels A woman was once was shamed, humiliated and insulted because she did not want children. She was called all sorts of names and some even branded her unnatural. How could a woman not want children? She tired to explain her reasons - she didn't think she could take care of them, give them the attention they needed. She didn't think could be a good mother. All this fell on deaf ears and she was branded selfish. Did she not want to give her parents grandchildren? Did she not want to continue her family line? Finally did she not love her husband enough to give him children? Defeated and sadden she broke down. She had told her husband before they married she did not want children but under pressure she broke. The pregnancy was simple. It was easy though she hated herself and her body. The baby kicked and she tried to comfort herself. Premature contractions started it was going to be early. A rush to an emergency room and she gave

#26 Daily Writing Journal - Flash fiction about cleaning and personal hygiene.

At noon, Bob with a stalk of paper in his hands ran up the green staircase with gleaming bannister. He knew he was ugly but today he felt like Prince Charming . He was a tall, lanky and fair lad, with  a sweaty body odour and poor personal hygiene.  At the top of the staircase, he confronted his reflection in a full length mirror. Today he'd taken his first bath for three weeks and wore freshly laundered clothes. He even used deodorant. Today was special.  Pleased with his appearance, he turned left into the first room. He saw a pretty woman with long blue hair, sitting on an unmade bed. Freezing with knotted nerves in his belly, teeth clenched, he managed to grunt hello.  Shelia his beloved. His one true love.  His queen.   Flicking her hair back, Shelia stood and shook his cold sweaty hand. He moved closer, hesitantly,  and embraced her in a warm hug. 'Will you marry me now?' Shelia stepped away from their hug, and raked her eyes over him. His clean scent inv

#25 Daily Writing Journal - What is this blog about? Urban African America Angelica and Leyton Writing Dilemma, #SaSwhodareswins

 What is this blog about?  This blog is primarily a companion for my writing but probably is evolving into an outlet for my thoughts and things I can share. So most things. It could be interesting, boring or whatever. Useful or useless. Depends.  I write it to unwind and because it keeps me writing. Angelica and Leyton writing dilemma I'm concerned about the progress and the direction I should take. I think it's probably because I've done a lot of courses in a short while. I may put it up for critique at the writers' workshopping site I belong to - It's very good. I'm not so sure because it's not the story but the style and syntax, I'm worried about. Or should I just go for another story? I have three novels-in-progress. All I've mentioned in varying degrees on this blog.  I have written this blog on and off since December 2012 so about 6 years. Maybe I'm aiming too high. I should just crack on. SAS: Who Dares Wi

#24 Daily Writing Journal - Long day today so I'm tired, nothing much to say

I'm yawning so this is just touching base. I thought this picture looked nice and peaceful, I get them from pexels a free image sight. Things are a bit hectic since it's busy at work. Oh well. Catch you latter. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo

#23 Daily Writing Journal no Synopsis, tooth ache I'm in pain. I am writing! Not much today not much to say. Other stuff...

Tooth ache - I'm in pain I'm in pain. Just visited the dentist again and the anaesthetic is wearing off. I have one more visit.  I had two injections - on on the roof of my mouth and another in the gums. I had a chat with my Dentist about NHS prices. I've already discussed about the crowns so not doing it again. Anyway painful. I am writing! Okay not the best picture, but I'm doing it! Yes, I finally managed to get a few words typed out. I just need to draw a line under it. I mean finish it. Its the cute meet.  No Synopsis  Normally I write my blog in the morning but had to head out to work to prep some work. But at least there is a draft of how Leyton and Angelica hook up. 

#22 Daily Writing Journal - Annoying Internet Marketing - Fool and Money are soon parted, Urban Lit African American romance - Angelica and Leyton Synopsis but more on the dentist.

Writing  Let's talk about writing. I've finally managed write a short story for Angelia and Leyton. This story will explain there reason why Leyton is in the situation he is.  Maybe a few spoilers? Note sure. However the rough draft and outline is written and ready.  I need to do the same for other stories.  Annoying Internet Marketing Person Photo by  from  Pexels There is an annoying internet marketing brat who keeps on appearing on all my social media ads - gosh that is all youtube feed me. I'd like some variation. You know because I've been researching marketing for my novel. You know the kind of internet marketeers that promise stupid returns if you do a course with them for a stupid amount of money, they will reveal all the secrets to facebook and youtube ads - maybe, I guess there is always a hand full of people who will be successful. However his company accounts returns doesn't reveal he does as well as he lets on. Yes, he

#21 Daily Writing Journal - Work is busy. Urban Lit African American romance - No Angelica and Leyton Synopsis but more on the dentist.

Work has been very busy so all I want to do when I come home is chill and relax. This is probably a reason for my procrastination. Let's see, I think I just set a 365 day goal. Maybe I should break it down to be monthly? This is link to my goals if you are interested. I'm thinking maybe quarterly progress. I probably need to break them down into smaller steps. No synopsis today, I'm afraid. I just feel a bit frazzled, January has been very busy for me so far. In a good way, but busy. At least I wrote an entry today. Going shopping soon, I need some body cream. Dentist? Yes, I've got the first stage of  my tooth done, and I've got a few more visits. It's been painful. I think I'm over talking about my teeth so it may probably appear as  material in a book if I run out. Have a great weekend. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out B

#20 Daily Writing Journal - Sharing my pain with you: - Dentist Today. Urban Lit African American romance - Angelica and Leyton Synopsis

Work, tooth ache, dentist visit. So much to at work today, so I'm going in early. I've got some much to do. I'm putting out a positive picture of working together. But so much, so much. Then I have to go to the dentist. I'm in pain. Tooth pain. Ache. Whatever, pain is pain. Am I writing? Nah, busy but I'm doing the synopsis, at least that is a start. Should a release date be set? Angelica and Leyton Synopsis time - Urban lit African American Romance. From Forechester City series author Wuraola comes a one-night-stand-to-relationship romance.  T hey say not night stands never last.  I had sex at the bodywork of Bentley under the Newham county midnight sky.  Thugs never come good. That is my fare in life. Gentlemen aren't always gentle You know my past. Secrets can keep you from moving on. That my truth. Thug loving was good, and gave me freedom. But with a gentleman loving, I feel bonded.  LEYTON TH

#19 Daily Writing Journal - Sharing my pain with you: - Dentist outcome! Dental Treatment is Expensive. Urban Lit African American romance Synopsis

Let's start with  Synopsis time before I start getting into my feelings about thing. Urban Lit African American Romance Synopsis time  The last time ANGELICA went to a club, she was love in, loved and feeling on top of world. Full of dreams - the best and most fun nights she'd ever had Now as after a bad relationship and a horrible family bust-up,  ANGELICA is reluctantly dragged on a night  to a popular club night by her well-meaning friends.  It becomes a night to remember when she lets more than her hair down with a fine-looking thug on parole. Hot. Passionate. A night to remember. Worlds collide when she meets billionaire CEO LEYTON THOMAS , sparks fly and they have whirlpool fling. Suddenly feelings get deeper, and become to turning into a perfect fairy with a handsome fine-looking rich prince. But   ANGELICA hides a devastating secret from the past, one that can destroy their relationship even before it's started. Can she let go of her secret and believe Le

#18 Daily Writing Journal - What's happening. Synopsis time.

Nothing to report today. I probably need to carry a copy of my goals around with me so I'm reminded what I need to do. It's so easy for forget them in the day-to-day activities especially at work. The weight -watching on is the worse. I forget and then tuck into a nice warm hearty meal. It's probably because it's winter and it's cold outside. So I've written another synopsis though the book will be in 3rd person.  No real progress since I'm dealing with some important situations that take precedence over my writing. Time for  Synopsis time LEYTON THOMAS is one beautiful, fine-looking man. Simply irresistible but comes with warnings. I've had a one night stand with a parole thug, now I'm sleeping with a billionaire CEO. I'm falling for him fast.  But I have secrets in my past that can destroyed this if it gets serious. Will destroy this. Maybe I should just stay in my own lane and leave the past alone. But it will mean losing Leyton

#17 Daily Writing Journal -Another Synopsis for my urban novel, goals for the week.

Not sure of when the job interview is, or if there is going to be one. Need to keep practicing-ish for the interview. Can't leave this one to chance as I have bills to pay.  Well got to do my best. Grammar practice is complicated. So I've done adjectives and adverbs. Okay next. Weight loss starts today as I want to lose at least a pound. Yes, just a pound will do me, over the long term I hope lose 13 pounds - check out my goals for 2019. Need to sort out some travelling stuff. Now I'm going competitive with my synopsis From the creator of the Forechester City Series author Wuraola comes up a hot and sizzling love story of chance, forgiveness and passion. It all started with hot one night stand. A thug on probation. After a long stressful day with feuding family members, ANGELICA WASHINGTON goes partying with her girls only to meet a blue-eyed stranger. 'I want to taste you'. Follows a night of pure passion and pleasure. A billionaire CEO LEYTON TH

#16 Daily Writing Journal - SHORT 2018 REVIEW, GOALS FOR 2019, STILL NOT WRITING

So rather than bang on about how I'm not writing or suffering from writer's block I shall be reviewing my goals. SHORT 2018 REVIEW I published two novellas on Amazon I lost 6kg which is about 13 pounds I organised decluttered my clothes and books, and organised my wardrobe and bookshelves I went on a weekend break with  Momma G I had a stressful holiday in Spain - normally I'm recovering from over-work.  2019 GOALS Get a new role - this is urgent and top priority  Publish Leyton and Angelica's story Do at least three CPD - for career development - I was a bit lax last year because my employer supplied them. romance? Maybe. We'll see. I had one in 2017 - not so good. But maybe again. Lose another 5-6kg so about 13-15lb. I'm currently 79kg which is roughly about 174 pounds. So I'm looking at becoming about 160 pounds. Revise all my creative writing courses exercises & grammar If I'm good, maybe treat myself with another writing cou

#16 Daily Writing Journal - my urban lit African American romance found my leading man!

Yes, I've changed the posts to nearly daily just incase. Nothing much today. Ah, found the ideal Leyton. Delicious male specimen! Very nice. Today I returned a shredder because they sold me one that had been returned. It was used. Can you believe? The wrapping even had some person's nail polish stain. Ugh. So I got me a new one, and made sure I checked it in the story. I'm a bit worried I'm over eating. No, I haven't thought about diets.  I'm doing a course called Curate with Katharyne Sheldon which is awesome. Just a little treat for myself. I have a lot going on at the moment. Writing? Nah. Oh well... -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo

Daily Writing Journal - my urban lit African American romance. - #15 Progress with grammar, trying out sample movement. New Synopsis

So I'm going back to craft practice and only spending 15 minutes a day on the blog. I might do less. Right now I've clocked in about 1.45 minutes. So let's roll. Description  Yes, this is one of my craft weaknesses and has given me grief while editing. That and a host of others However I've done a sample. Practice one. Danny slapped the creaky front door shut and crossed the busy road. It was freezing donkey balls. Ancient Mr Pink was outside with his old banger car, polishing the yellow bodywork, rubbing in the shine so it shone like fool's gold. Two doors down, troublemaking Mrs Green was fighting with her no-good baby father, cursing him out, calling him a useless mama's boy, no change there. At the bottom of the road, Danny turned a sharp left and hurried down a row of expensive townhouses. All neatly kept with immaculate front porches and luxury cars parked outs - Jaguars, Bentleys, Maybach and the odd Porsche. All except one townhouse. It was tumb

Daily Writing Journal - my urban lit African American romance. - #14 Progress - but need to space out the time. New Synopsis

Wow! I did some writing but I suspect it's much harder because of the expectations I have for myself. Writing for publication means I need to hit a minimum standard so I'm going to work at it. Really work at it. Right now I'm still in the club so maybe it will have to be a scene a week. I have 60 scenes. This means it will take me over a YEAR! OH my! OVER A YEAR but I want to write something decent. I guess it's looking at things realistically. Work is 7-to-5 averaging about 35-40 hours a week. Then travel time so basically in the day I probably only have about an hour free for writing. All writing. This doesn't take into consideration other stuff. So an hour a day. I need to set this time. Weekends I have probably do about two hours so in total I have about 9-10 hours a week to commit to writing or free time.  What if I have other things I want to do?  Okay keep this blog update at 15 minutes only. Which means no prep, no thing. But with quality writing (fo

Daily Writing Journal #13 - my urban lit African American romance. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I hope everyone had a great new year!!!Yay! I went the Natural History Museum New Year Eve party, a present from Big Momma. It was great!  Not much in the way of writing but I've outlined some stuff Back to normal work tomorrow and then a routine. So for now. HAPPY NEW YEAR! -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo