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Going on a short break to complete work on my main goal!

Thanks for dropping by and reading this.  For now I'm going to suspend working on my blog. This is because I'm working on a real life career situation where I'm applying for associate membership of a professional body - yes, my main goal for this quarter. This is taking up more time than I thought it would - and challenging! I even took a staycation (vacation holiday) from work for a week to progress on this. Yay! That was finally approved. I'm having an interview in the late Match and will know if I meet the criteria. Right now it's put grafting and writing a report, getting verifiers and a whole ton of paperwork ready. When this whole process is complete,  I'd be able to just blog about whatever. Again, thank you so much for reading my stuff, even when it's pretty painful due to my dyslexia. Getting is membership a big career move and huge deal. It is also something I've worked towards for a very very long time, and taken plenty of exams. It

Week-07 2016 Luxuries, Aspirations and Learning to Dream Again

My Luxuries I was chatting with my hair dresser of what I considered my luxuries. Things I splash on out because I'm on a tight budget. This because with living one is assaulted with bills and taxes right, left and centre. And at time one needs to think this is purely for me. So my luxuries may look like basic necessities but I don't really need to have them. Doing my Hair at the Salon. My hair-dresser is very reasonably priced and an awarding winning stylist and owner.  So I tend to pay for director or senior stylist level. My hair isn't something I do myself so this is a treat for me. This is a picture of me on Friday after my hair was done.  It is a luxury because I have other options however my hair dresser is excellent and excels at what she does. My hair looks the business! My second luxury is my Virgin Active gym membership. I don't go regularly and at times people say it's a waste of money but it isn't because it is something for ME. It has

Week 06 2016 - Goal, general week and catch up! Brewing posh coffee, shopping etc

Work was busy since we are in the process of setting budgets. Not much happening apart from our head has left so we had a nice send off for him. Coffee is an Art form. One of my colleagues - co-worker is a coffee connoisseur, and coffee is serious. He grinds his coffee in the office and only drinks real coffee. He uses an aero coffee maker, and intrigued I took some pictures. He let it brews and mentioned something about coffee having acids and sugars that need to be balanced for a full bodied taste.  However it depends on how people like it. I just thought coffee was out of a machine. This is some of the kit he had in our office kit. He buys coffee with flovours like Jammy Dodger, Fruit and Nut and  the above.  Lost my Gym Kit and Bag I haven’t being to the gym since I lost my gym kit on the train. I ran the ‘lost and found’ and loggied in a report. What I really miss is my toiletry bag which I’d used all over the world, from the USA, Australia, Asia and Afr

Making Dreams into Reality - Achieving goals and other things

So last week I wrote about my goals and how I’ve staggered them to be achieved over the year. Yeah, that was the simple bit. Easy peasy. Now it’s check in time. So for this quarter it was really about working towards two main things on my roster. This is real not those made up super motivating blogs. 1) Gaining Associate Status As mentioned I need to submit a report based on my work experience on why I should be admitted as an associate to my professional body. I have lots of notes but I’m still nowhere near completion which is not good since this is a critical milestone to achieving all the other goals on my list. Without this, I won’t have the time to move on to other things. Problem I’m still having difficulty in getting a framework or maybe just the confidence to do the write up.  I’ve booked some time off work to get down to it but I’m still on the edge with this one. I guess I’ll just have to keep on going until I get there. I’ve even missed some external deadlines….