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Celebrating My Hard Work At The Shard London

Hello Online Friends, Readers and the Generally Curious, Hope it's being a good week for all. Things have been fairly busy but I'm working on a schedule so I can do posts regularly - well I'm thinking maybe once or fortnight or more....  I will be posting an update on my goals, not done very well on the weight loss aim due to many things. Anyway. Big news is that I got invited to Hutong at the Shard by my big cousin - a very successful and top UK vocal coach in the UK music industry - for a family meal and to celebrate successes. Yeah, you know I recently became an Associate and qualified accountant. It was smart dress code so I had to buy a new frock and pair of shoes for this occassion. So I went to Oxford Street and got an inexpensive dress from Marks and Spencers. It was reasonable since I was going to accessory with some designer jeweller - a jade and gold necklace I bought years ago. And by the time I had a full face of makeup I would look very nice. S