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Daily Writing Journal: What Motivates Me..

Healthy Competition  This isn't about winning or coming first but keeping in the race does keep me on my toes. Even if a person comes last at least they still  finish. This is why you are told to keep with like-minded people who inspire you. It does matter if you are fast or slow - it can keep you on focus. Pressure and desperation in comfort zone: When things become intolerable  Normally I tend to be laid back until things reach a brink, and as soon as it gets intolerable, I tend to act. I guess it's because the stakes become higher.  Otherwise, I tend to stay in my comfort zone. When comfort zones become fire zones, I move on.  Recognition, Praise & Thank you  Professionally this is a big one, also in writing. Even just saying a simple thank you is recognition and praise enough, keeps me motivated to keep working. When someone left a five star review for one of my books, I instantly became motivated to strive for a better standard. Praise makes me striv

Daily Writing Journal, : Wednesday Film, Movie 0r Boxset Night: Alita: Battle Angel at Camden Parkway Odeon

Off the cinema I decided to the got the cinema (movie theatre)  instead of watching my planned box set of Breaking Bad series 1. So I looked at what was happening around and decided on a trip to town and Alita - Battle Angel since it sounded neutral enough.  Ended up at Camden Parkway, at one point it had one of the biggest screens in London before it become a multiplex Odeon - I think back in the day it was ABC but don't quote me on that. Got my ticket which cost £7.00 which is relative cheap for town, as you can see it's the date of my blog and I decided on the first showing. Then up the stairs. It is a nice cinema though fraying around edges probably because everyone is staying at home and glued to Netflix or Amazon Prime. In the cinema there was me and another person who liked a student. About Alita: Battle Angel Alita, a cyborg, is found by a cyborg-surgeon who give her body parts. She ends up being some super warrior from a different age.

Daily Writing Journal: Top 5 places I'd like to visit

Atlanta, USA This is based on all the reality shows I've watched, I've already visited Miami and New York. Los Angeles, USA One word. Hollywood. That's just basically it, it's just celebs and seeing how it is out there. But someone recommended Sans Francisco, so I might go there too. I guess the state of California in general will be good to see. Edinburgh, Scotland Much closer to home so probaby do this sometime soon.  The overnight sleeper is quite pricey but I might do it this year.  I also want to see and visit the castle as I have a story based around there. It's an old story bits are down on scraps of paper. It's a mythical fantasy story - the story is probably over ten years old. Writers tend to have a lot of stories just brewing at the back of their mind. Dublin, Ireland I've never been to Ireland but I'd love to go some day. Maybe for a long weekend break. The UK Lake District  I'm not sure when I'll go but

Daily Writing Journal: show me your desk

It's tidier than usual because I have to focus on particular tasks. Maybe I'll try and work towards a clear desk policy but probably not in my nature.  My former boss says creative people normally have untidy desks but I think he was just being nice. Desk focus: 60 Seconds and You're Hired by Robin Ryan So I'm currently interviewing and 60 Seconds and You're Hired by Robin Ryan is one of my favourite go-to interview practice books. I've had this for a number of years, actually I bought it in Borders either the New York or London branch, I'm not sure now. Anyway, it shows you how long I've had it for. And whenever I'm in the job search/career development phase I bring it out. I've actually never completely read it, I bought it for the first three chapters, and it's really good for polishing up interview techniques. Normally after a few years of enjoying a role, it's time to shift or go for promotions and I think Robin Ryan's

Daily Writing Journal: Discovered Hatchards London's oldest bookstore, Editing Update my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica.

Discovered Hatchards - London's oldest bookstore Yes, shame on me for not knowing about this bookstore but please, I do go to Waterstones, Foyles, Daunts - back in the day Dillon and I don't live in Green Park or Mayfair *sniff, sniff* only kidding but it was nice to discover this.  So let's get on with my blog narrative.  I was walking down Green Park, and discovered Hatchards, an old bookshop or booksellers as the UK bookshops have rebranded themselves. Normally when I go to Green Park and walk towards Piccadilly Circus, I normally just go to the posh Waterstones, or I'm rushing to the underground or running some errand.  I've never really looked at any of the shops but it was a pleasant discovery.  I probably just noticed it because I was walking slowly,  taking my time, looking for interesting stuff for my Saturday - My London Hood posts.  I think it's owned by Waterstones - well Waterstones has taken it over, only because it had tha

Daily Writing Journal: My London Hood - Sunset at Hyde Park, then to Green Park - Fortnum & Mason's Window Display #FortnumsXHeinz

London Hyde Park at Sundown/sunset I took this picture in Hyde Park, a few days ago.  I had a meeting in South Kensington, rather posh area of town. After the meeting, I was walking down to Hyde Park Corner - I love London open spaces and parks so whenever I have access to one, I'd rather walk than talk transport. It was such a lovely vibrant evening that I decided to walk down Green Park and catch my train from Piccadilly Cirrus rather than Hyde Park Corner - this is our Underground transport system - a bit like a metro or transit system. I passed a famous shop called Fortnum and Mason and it's window display it was advertising Heinz's baked beans and the Heinz's 150 year old Anniversary. There is even a hashtag #FortnumsXHeinz.  I didn't go in because it was rush hour and all I wanted to do was go home. #FortnumsXHeinz Window display. Apparently Fortnum and Mason was the first place that sold the brand back in the day. This was before common folks co

Daily Writing Journal: Mo Money Challenge - week 8 which means £8 in the tin!

£8 in coins So I'm on my second week on saving and still not sure. I'm not feeling the pinch per se, but it's hard thinking how am I going to maintain this. So I managed to get a few coins out and gather some change, but at some point I'll really need to organise this. I've put in four fifty pence pieces with come up to two pounds sterling and the rest in pound coins.  Remember the money tin from last week. Well it all went inside that.... How am I feeling? Slightly bored but I still have a long way to go..... Saving money is boring, spending is more interesting.

Daily Writing Journal: Something Someone Gave Me

A gift from my aunt The gold bracelet was a thank you gift from one of my maternal aunts. Sis had volunteered my services to bake a Jamaican Rum cake for her 60th birthday party.  I think they were talking and I my sister mentioned I baked cakes and also did some decorating.  So after Sis volunteered me, she told me about it.  Normally, I used to just bake for my nuclear family but I agreed. So I soaked the raisons in rum for about a month or two, and made the big cake. She has a big party at a posh hotel - a four three course meal with dancing,  and Sis and I carried it down. This is a faded photo of it in my kitchen. Here theme was yellow so I made flowers with yellow petals. I put her name of the board but cut that out for her privacy reasons.  And she was very happy with the finished product especially when someone rang her to say it was one of  the best Jamaica cake he'd ever tasted.

Wednesday Film, Movie 0r Boxset Night: Sunset Boulevard

This was film was suggested by my writing workshop so I was surprised when it finally arrived it was in black and white.  Saying that it was easy to watch and there were some good one liners. I also enjoyed the narrative direction because it starts off at the end. The beginning is the first end and then the film is told retrospectively.  It's a bit like My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier - the book not the movie. So basically a young screen writer who is in debt stumbles across an old house on Sunset Boulevard, and meets an ageing silent movie star called Norma Desmond and things develop from there with a twisted love story or romance of sorts. Overall it's easy watching and you feel sympathy for all the characters.  You know what's going to happened in end because that is revealed in the beginning but you don't know how or why. It did make me think about today's fading celebrities and how they cope with change. There are a lot of Norma Desmonds around

Daily Writing Journal: A list of little things that make me happy.

Listening to Music Music. I love music. I often forget it can lift my mood, or make me cry - normally by evoking old memories about music is something I enjoy. Before that it was visiting big music shops - they have all closed down now.  Smiles Photo by  Girlan Xm  from  Pixels Being greeted with a big smile and making me smile in return.  Even if I'm in a bad mood and someone says hellos and give me a big grin, I cheer up. Completing a Task I felt so excited and pleased with myself when I completed my writing my 2019 blog plan. Now just to execute. Pictures of kittens and puppies And my family Okay family is a huge deal but I'm adding it.  What are the little things that make you happy?

Daily Writing Journal: show me your desk

My desk This is my desk. I'm currently just finished reading Christine Feehan's Vengeance Road. Starting from the top left hand side. That is my glasses case with index cards for my next book....working title Leyton And Angelica. You know I talk about that a lot.  Next to it is a Nina Simone Greatest Hits CD. It should be in the cover but my desk is sort of an extra storage. Beyond that is Sunset Boulevard, the film I plan to talk about on Wednesday (check out my schedule), I was looking at it so should probably put in back in the cover. After that is some stationary - they are like post-it dividers. I got them in stationery shop, they looked unique so I decided to grab one packet. Those are two notesbooks from Amazon - I also design stationary -  then to that is my empty indexcard book. I've just used the last of them for my novel. The remote control is for my CD player, and yet I still have a stereo.  There  rest of the stuff are just odds and ends, a pen, my hol

Daily Writing Journal: Editing Update my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica.

This is editing day where I catch up on all my writing drama. It's how the daily blogging began until I found another project Synopsis of Leyton & Angelica I've got a few of these but decided this for today. Note the book is in 3rd person POV. LEYTON THOMAS is one beautiful, fine-looking man. Simply irresistible but comes with warnings. I've had a one night stand with a parole thug, now I'm sleeping with a billionaire CEO. I'm falling for him fast . But I have secrets in my past that can destroyed this if it gets serious. Will destroy this. Maybe I should just stay in my own lane and leave the past alone. But it will mean losing Leyton.... Catch up on week three Completing last week's lesson was challenging for many reasons - first it was tedious, second I had a lot on off-line and third I was trying to do the blog plan. I realised I've missed out quite a few scenes, there are lots of jumps, and it's messy. I also made a big mi

Daily Writing Journal: My London Hood - St Pancras & St Pancras International Station

Today is a rather grey and overcast day in London  - normal weather - but to honour this promise rather than using old pictures - not looking at anyone in Instagram I actually left my place early and decided on St Pancras Station, now called St Pancras International Station.  This where the Eurostar trains start, before it was at Waterloo but moved over here a few years ago. It's a beautiful gothic building and if you want to find out more information I've put some links below. This houses a hotel called the renaissance  and as well as some super expensive penthouses. Spot the fancy cars...  I took a few pictures around, didn't go inside - it just feels like an airport lounge with lots of restaurants and food shops. I normally use it go to Brighton or Gatwick Airport. This is the new entrance. This is the Youtube Store, the opposite side had Google. I'll do that another day when I'm in the area.  This is from other side - wher