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Potential Breakthrough with Editing the book!

I've got a potential breakthrough for my book so this means I can probaby start to work on drafting out new scenes. It hasn't been the easiest of books to edit, because I had no sense of direction and though I'm taking an editing course, I didn't feel I was making any progress. So I had to pare back to basics to focus on this story.

The thing is I like the story, the themes are there but it's so easy for the hero to walk away. There is wasn't anything to show how the relationship developed over time. Yes, they have plenty of sex, but there wasn't enough of a feeling of seeing them fall in love. You know the emotional grip, emotional journey - the bit where you think, awww....I hope these two make it. It was just that bit. I have the bits when they did fall in love and etc, but it was that development. So I think I've cracked it. I hope so.

We'll see. So hopefully, I'll have a different story to post when I next give an update. 

Other things - changes to the daily blogging

I think it's a bit of overkill blogging nearly everyday. There are some features I like, others I just consider a bore. I may just keep the regulars and scrap the features unless I have something to say or may swap over. I'm current busy at work so haven't got the time to review but will do soon.  I'll post a new schedule when I'm done.


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Daily Writing Journal: Mo Money Challenge - week 8 which means £8 in the tin!

£8 in coins So I'm on my second week on saving and still not sure. I'm not feeling the pinch per se, but it's hard thinking how am I going to maintain this. So I managed to get a few coins out and gather some change, but at some point I'll really need to organise this. I've put in four fifty pence pieces with come up to two pounds sterling and the rest in pound coins.  Remember the money tin from last week. Well it all went inside that.... How am I feeling? Slightly bored but I still have a long way to go..... Saving money is boring, spending is more interesting.

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Hello everyone, Just checking in about my goals and life in general. It's all good. What went well. I took in packed lunches for at least four days a week. This was just hummus, sprouts, grated carrot sandwich. So very vegan.  I also cooked dinner a few times a night rather than eating junk food or takeaway. So a lot healthier. I finally have a social life of sorts. In my last job - it was work, home and see family on weekends. I was so drained and tired so this new job has made such a difference, that I can go out and meet people.  So I go out with some drinking mates once a week. It's a nice evening out of the house and away from social media or the internet. It's mostly small talk but its nice. I'm doing my photoshop course. That is coming along nicely, that picture is from one of my practice sessions. I'm doing a couple of writing courses which are intense. What hasn't gone well. I need to focus on having more routines, and breaking tasks