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Daily Writing Journal: Novel editing progress update! Emotional Writing Baggage! Booked to go to Writing Romantic Fiction

This week's lesson on plot  is another miss for me. Though it's a very good course, it is over stretched, or maybe perhaps useful for beginners, rather than experienced writers. It's a personal opinion so in the last ten weeks and for this week, only half the lessons have been of value to me.

I found lessons one to five useful, some parts of six and seven, but not enough to warrant doing any writing, and I opted out of eight and nine because I felt they were repetitive of the earlier lessons.

I'm now on part two, lesson ten was a miss. It was about tackling story and theme again it felt repetitive from earlier lessons and the work was just because. HOWEVER very valid for the BEGINNER writer. If I was a beginner, I'd have thrown myself into the exercise but at this point, no.

This is on plots and reworking plot. I'm taking a miss because the advice is very generic - pretty much the stuff in my how-to-write books and other writing notes which I can use. I guess I'm really waiting for week seventeen when I start to do the major revision. Another six weeks.

What Happens Now!

Well...I've dug out some old editing notes from a conference I attend a couple of years ago. I also have some notes from a masterclass and I'll use those until the lessons start to resonate with me again. 

Emotional Writing Baggage!

I feel like I'm pulling and weighed down by a big sack of incomplete work - about ten novellas/novels. The situation with my current editing process is causing a lot more frustration and disillusionment than it should.  I also feels a sense of urgency that nothing is happening. What I don't want to do is start a new work, which is what I normally do when I reach a road block in one manuscript.  
Right now the road is bumpy but hopefully, I'll navigate it okay.

Finishing on a positive note, I'll work something out. I've also complete a rough outline for a story I couldn't finish two years ago - I think it's the paranormal romance on my WIP list. It's based on fairytales with a twist, it may end up being dark fantasy - not sure. I wrote the first half in present tense but I'll probably change it. Here is snippet.

In the soothing sunshine, his mind disturbed, Hanson swims in the turquoise sea, making powerful strides towards the shore. The gentle breeze caresses his face and strokes his back while he thinks of the Dark Prince betrothed to his sister. The thought sends turmoil shuddering through his bones. He has to rescue her. He has given his word.

The peaceful beach lined with swaying palm trees and the shore of gleaming white sand do nothing to calm his fear. He had made a bond. A bond he must keep.

Writing Romantic Fiction Event!

Exciting news! I'm booked to go to the Romance Fiction event in Leeds. So I've booked my train tickets and place. The have some top headliners in ROMANCE so I shall fear not, hopefully can pick up some good editing tips if I'm still in this funk!

Excited about this! 


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