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2019 Blog Schedule In Review and updates!

What has gone well?

I more or less keep the schedule with some dates, and it's been interesting looking at parts of London I could put in my Saturday Feature. I've being looking at my home city with different eyes and see there is lots of potential to set stories here.

I know it's a popular location, and I've always been in awe of some of the buildings but actually acting like a tourist I see the intricate beauty in the design. I also actually now look around and observe the area rather than just walking straight ahead.

It'a also meant I've more or less written everyday.

What hasn't gone well?

It's generally time pressured and sometimes I'm really busy and can forget. Also I think daily blogging may be too much, one reason is too much clutter in my blog so now I have about 350 posts but half of those since I started blogging early last year. 

I more or less use my own images,  yes I have some form but it's time consuming, so I just snap on the go. This means my phone camera is full of lots and lots of pictures. I also have to optimise them for the blog (so download isn't so heavy)  so I reduce them with some freeware - goodness knows what information they are stealing from me. 

Show me your desk: I'm not sure how interesting this is and I've missed it at times but for now it stays.

Tuesdays and Thursdays features: Though I have a list of topics, I  so I've pretty much started posting my lunches and all the stuff. I tend to do those on the go on my mobile so this is cancelled. 

Wednesdays Movie & Film Night: This sounded like a good idea at first but it's tedious, mostly because it's finding the time to watch them. I belong to a film club but normally the videos hang around until I decide to watch them, or I get a reminder to send them back. It's also hard to do a full review - which you see, I don't do. I just give my opinion. 

A lot of times, I don't finish the film and send it back half watched but because of this blog, I've battled through a few boring ones. Then after writing, I write down a few points. 

52 week money challenge.  This is a drain on my financial resources but I'll continue it. 

My London Hood: At times, I feel like a freaking tourist in my home city and folks are looking at me like I'm strange or weird. I guess I have no excuse for not doing this I'll just have to get myself out there. No excuse. 

Editing update: This is probably going to change with time and the reason why I started daily blogging before I got distracted with blogging pe se. However I may add a weekly round up to it as well.

What have I learnt from it?

It's time intensive and can be time pressured. I blog out of interest so there is no real theme, I didn't want to go down the route of the typical writer's blog or advising on writing, nor did I want it to become about my writing - though it does feature a lot. 

I've been blogging on this blog on and off for six and half years. Back in those days, it wasn't as competitive so I used to have more hits, my highest hits for this blog is about 158 and that is for a game, the rest around 45-60 but that was more lifestyle - yeah, putting my business out there. 

However now, I'm a bit more measured but I guess that makes more interesting and engaging reading, than reading about a desk, or a film or saving money. I agree. 

I also think that maybe a one to three times a week is more effective for blogging than a daily blog.

Applying the learning and revise the schedule plan

I'm going to be doing the regulars, show me your desk, movie night, money challenge, London Hood and Editing up date. That's pretty much five days a week, and I'll review this in the next three months. 

The editing updates will be finishing when I publish the book and the 52 money saving challenge will be done by the end of the year, or when I can't afford it any more - whichever comes first. But that time, I'll have a good handle on the blog and how to go forward. 

In the longer term, I may cut it down the two or three times. 


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