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Holiday vacation in Spain , stripping carpets and musing about my book and readers

Thanks for popping by this time around. I've just come back for a delightful ten days in Salou in Spain. The main reason why Salou is such an ideal destination apart from the sunny climate is that it's only about a two hour flight from London and then a twenty minute transfer from the airport to the hotel. Bonus! It is located in the Province of Tarragona which is on the Costa Daurada. I've been on lots of holiday but three hour flights and longer transfers can leave on worse for wear. So Salou is the only place I've been twice. I will consider going to other places but for now, by the time I book my vacation at work, I'm all cranky, stressed and too jittery about travelling. I would love to holiday in the UK but frankly it would be the same amount of time, and probably a bit more dearer - expensive. Saying this the pound to the euro was nasty - nearly one to one exchange rate!  It's the second time round, and near Barcelona. We didn't get up to much

Being Me on the Blog #001 - end of summer, Vacation time, The start of editing my novel, Interviews as an author

Hello Everyone, I've not being writing for many reasons. First because I'm busy with other commitments namely my job, and secondly I'm not sure what to write about. Whenever I get a topic I end up censoring myself and thinking nah boring.  Or maybe I should just be myself... Being myself is easy, though at times I think is it too boring. Anyway lets be myself today. Notting Hill Carnival - The end of Summer... The Carnival was awesome and I soca-danced myself crazy with some good beats. Here are some pictures of the carina. Finished First Read-Through of draft Novel Some good parts, and some work to be done. Overall I was very pleased on the outcome. Series of Interviews I've been interviewed authors which I'm super-excited about. Check it out if you are interested in what I have to say. This is by Rin-Rin and in case you forget Anna W Aden is also my writing name. By Ivy Nelson -  https://ivynelsonbooks.wordpre