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Daily Writing Journal - #12 Procrastination may still be a problem.

I'm still reading the Procrastination book. Yes, that's about it. Oh, and I got one more subscribers for my email list. Yay! So I'm sending out my first newsletter soon. I'm probably going to skip tomorrow and write my next update or non-update on the first. Are you doing anything nice for New Years Eve?  Normally, I just stay at home and see it in. A long time ago, I used to go clubbing, then seeing the fireworks. I did Waterloo twice until it became a ticketed event. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo

Daily Writing Journal - my urban lit African American romance. - #11 wrote a bit, went shopping in the London SALES got a new keyboard. Procrastination is reducing...

Writing? Yes, I managed a bit. Then I got stuck again because of Angelica's dress. Yes, her dress. In the rough draft I didn't take account of her dress in the cute meet. Now the dress is important so I spent time surfing to find the right dress. But couldn't. However I got inspired by some designs and sketched something rough. However I need to do a little more. But at least I started. Is the Procrastination book working? Yes it is because I caught up on some long overdue tasks. I bought myself a posterior support - basically a new toilet seat. I was thinking of getting a fancy New York one but it was sold out. So I just got a plain white one instead.  Then I went to the London West End. I need to get some work  skirts clothes but found nothing. I didn't like the skirts so the hunt is still on, or I lose weight to fit into what I already had. However I did get some nice socks half price from Marks & Spencer, some pyjama bottoms and tight/pantyhose.

Daily Writing Journal - my urban lit African American romance. - #10 still no writing....will my excuse wash? Procrastination is still going strong.

It's Holidays! Yes, and the sales are out! So I got myself a lovely new computer for the New Year. It's quite funny because I got a Dell monitor and it's really just cheap plastic! I kid you not. So what has this got to do with writing? Nothing. Nothing at all but I thought to make some conversation. I've not even done a synopsis and I was doing so well with those too. So what exactly am I doing? Well, I went for a massage which was lovely and I thought lots about writing. I also visited Scribophile trying to stay out of feisty forum debates.  You know the forum debates where someone starts a clickbait discussion that quickly escalates into something huge because everyone on the internet is right. Right even with opposing ideas. Then eventually the forum gets closed. I think now we operate a three strike action against forum offenders - those who break the TOS. I think they lose some sort of privileges - not sure if it stops them.  Procrastination.  So with all thi

Daily Writing Journal - my urban lit African American romance. - #9 Christmas was good! Ate lots. Didn't write.

Hope  Christmas was good for you! So again nothing in terms of writing.  Christmas dinner was lovely. I had plenty to eat and was stuffed. Utterly stuffed. I haven't even done a synopsis. All I wanted to do when I came home was sleep. And now I'm off for more food. So I haven't really though about writing in the last few days. Write everyday they say. Don't know if that is possible so  I'm taking the holidays off for some inner reflection. Now I'm off.. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo

Daily Writing Journal - my urban lit African American romance. - #8 IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE! LAST MINUTE SHOPPING! HAPPY HOLIDAY!

NOPE. NADA. NONE. I've been busy to be honest with Christmas preparations. Very busy and I still have number of gifts to buy. So not writing or it isn't on my agent. I've also need to help with Christmas cooking so yes that's it for me. Normally I just turn up. However I am thinking maybe I'll have a Christmas scene in my book. I left the house at 6.15ish am and met Big Mamma  for some shopping. Got to Sainsburys who had decided to open at 7 am. We originally wanted to go to Marks & Spencer. However Big Mamma thought they opened at 7am. Anyway we got there about 6.45am so decided have a coffee in McDonalds. However opposite McD was Marks & Spencers. So we had a drink, and afterwards decided to Marks & Spencer's first, only to find out it opened at 6.30am. It was packed with the early birds last minute rush. The next rush is will be about mid-day when most offices close. We got what we needed, nipped into Sainburys for the rest and then came hom

Daily Writing Journal - #7 my urban lit African American romance. Wrote words and made self-discovery

Day Seven of writing a journal, not bad. At least I'm writing. Yesterday, I managed to write. I did about 800 words or so but still not the cute meet. Then I thought, I've been writing for a very long time, so what is the problem? It beggars belief that I'm stalling on this. Silly really. I guess it's down the self-criticism and that can have a crippling effect on anything. Thinking that nothing I wrote will meet the standard. Whose standard? I don't know. It's like I expect things to be perfect, flow perfectly from the pen and that expectation can be crippling. And make me procrastinate but it's really just getting down to it.  Okay good words of wisedom but will it make writing any easier? Now for synopsis time. I've taken a different approach this time and focused on Leyton rather than Angelica. Synopsis Time The  Forechester Thomas boys keep the blogs in news with their antics. From childhood to adulthood, these boys have been the best of f

Daily Writing Journal - #6 my urban lit African American romance. Went Christmas Shopping in House of Fraser and John Lewis.

Not much going. Well, it's Christmas! I went shopping yesterday after work to get some presents. I still have plenty more. House of Fraser is a good place to go. I feel it misses a lot of traffic because it's in between John Lewis and Debenhams.  I'm talking about departmental stores on Oxford Street, London. Okay let's talk about writing. Or maybe not. It's the festive season. In John Lewis , they also had the Elton John Experience. That was nice. I feel compelled to show some pictures but that means downloading all the pictures in my phone. I'll get more organised about this as I go along. Then again this is just a journal of my writing. So writing, well I said I'd skip that but I did manage to write another synopsis. What do you think? Synopsis Angelica Washington is a strong woman takes family responsibility seriously, but things aren't always as perfect as they seem .  A bad family ordeal and an impulsive urge leads her to the arms of a h

Daily Writing Journal - #5 my urban lit African American romance. Stuck on cute meet. Writing has stall. Blogger lost my post.

So this is my second post today, for some reason the blogger had problem so it got deleted. Charming. Oh well, so I've saved a screen shot of the synopsis from the preview. I didn't even know the previews were pictures and not text. I was going to copy and past but realised I couldn't. So writing has stalled yet again. I'm not doing very well on this 1000 word count again. I think I may need a different approach. I'm also trying to apply a few techniques I learnt at my writing course but that isn't going too well either. So what is going well you ask? Don't know. I'm just going to have to alter my approach. Maybe go back to my old way of writing and see how I can slowly introduce this new way. Who knows.. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks B

Daily Writing Journal - #4 my urban lit African American romance. The cute meet is up next for a rewrite.

I need to be  little more organised. I wrote a bit and wasn't happy. Then I wrote some more and thought, nah. You know the chapter I scrapped?  I read it again and decided to leave it in. How do go organised people write? Anyway now I'm moving on to the cute meet.  Yes when they finally meet. I'm sure I'll have plenty drafts of this scene. It needs to sizzle. Anyway here is my next synopsis... So this is my next synopsis written but it isn't going to be a Christmas story though so elements may change. It's the winter is affecting my setting elements. It's cold and lonesome in Forechester city. I've planned a 1000 words a day but that is clearly not happening. I was supposed to finish in March, hmmm we shall see. I may change the elements to summer... Synopsis  ANGELICA WASHINGON has plenty of problems and she's not about to make a man one of them! But a steamy night of passion  with the blue-eyed LEYTON THOMAS may change that all. It's

Daily Writing Journal - Editing my African American & urban lit love story: #3 Still stuck on the second scene of urban lit love story, and word count is zero

So the scene in my urban love story isn't not working. It really isn't. I just can't seem to get it right. It seems dull. I'm supposed to be writing 1000 words. Then I got distracted thinking about key words. So African American romance, people of colour romance, urban lit love story but no street characters per se. Yes, I'm also fiddling around with my layout... new #3 synopsis for my urban love story or African American romance.  ANGELICA WASHINGTON'S rare partying on a cold winter's night turns into a steamy intimate encounter with a dark blue-eyed stranger. Letting go of her normal cautious nature, ANGELICA submits her impulses thinking she'll never meet the handsome sexy stranger again. Circumstances bring them together and they continue their hot passionate affair. One rule. Sex only. But the handsome blue-eyed stranger,  LEYTON THOMAS finds out he wants more, and his lust is slowly turning to love. The prospect of things turning serious i

Daily Writing Journal: African American & Urban lit love story novel: #2 Where will they meet, another synopsis

I didn't manage any new word count yesterday. Bo! This morning I work up ready to write but found myself on Facebook writing comments, and then on Scribophile answering another post. PROCRASTINATE AT IT'S WORSE. I'm in a fix. My character is upset but I don't know where to locate the scene. In the park?  A cafe? Her friend's beauty shop? Where? Where? On this is where inspiration leaves me. I need to know....Should I just guess? Oh where is my inspiration? Okay let's roll with synopsis #2 Cautious  ANGELICA WASHINGTON  was her family’s go-to strong woman, had a successful career and played mother to her brother’s children– until drama struck a family therapy session. From that moment everything went wrong. A night at the club, leads  ANGELICA  to overcome her cautious ways and spend a night of intimacy with a dark blue-eyed stranger. It was supposed to be for one night only but circumstances lead them back to each other, and many passionate nigh

Daily Writing Journal: Editing the Third Novel: #1 Cutting the beginning.

The Novel Editing Plan I have blocked all my social media links so I can focus on this project - well at least for 24 hours at a time - twitter, facebook and others. I need an outlet so I shall record most days something here.  I plan to edit and rewrite my entire novel by March 19. I have about 80,000 words planned. Or less. I've just rewritten the first 860 words and decided the beginning must GO! It was nice but didn't have anything to do with the romance. Yes, I'm writing a romance. So now I'm planning to rewrite chapter two. Synopsis Practice of the Day. LEYTON and ANGELICA  are from opposite sides of town. He is a control freak CEO and she is an executive assistant and office manager with a side hustle at the local's farmer market, selling food.  One night of intimacy turns into a rollercoaster search for love... How does it sound? Good? Back to writing. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's