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Novels - Too Many Works in Progress

Right now I've counted up to ten novels in progress and I still have a few more. So I've decided to take a course to see how it's going. Not sure what extactly I can do with all of them. The thing is that I wrote primarily for fun and for myself but now I'm thinking ok maybe I can revamp all this stuff and self publish. There are the why and why nots? Where do I start? What do I do? Are they any good? Well, I biased so I'll say yes. Oh dear. I'm currently in a workshop situation so I may just think it over. It's just a few changes here and there. Rewriting chapters. So need to think about that one. Getting plots in place and starting a writing habit. I have enough distance from most so I guess I can just start at some point. They are all romance tryouts. So I'll look at the work and think about it. It's exciting in a way. The Sexy Black man is done. However I still feel I could be writing a little more. I just need to get my goals aligned with every

Save The Cat: Sexy Blackman The Novella

So I banged on about Save The Cat for my novella well, it's complete but with a few holes. It's not the romantic story I thought it would be. It's also a long than I thought so I've decided to leave it for a while and then come back to tackle it. So editing and rewriting. I'm also planning out the next one. I hope it will be good. Posted with Blogsy

Save The Cat Method: My Novel/Novella

I've just read through my rough draft and I like it. It's fairly predictable in some parts but I don't think that's a bad thing since it's genre romance. I think right now it do I strictly follow the Save The Cat methology or do I just do my own thing. I'm also not sure how long it will be, right now I'm going for Novella lengths but who know it just depends on how many words are generated. The thing is, even when I used to paint with numbers I also got a little bored and decided to do something different. The problem with my story is that I think it needs to be cut and then developed. I also need to make some changes. I am fully aware that Save The Cat is for scripts and me being me I've skipped chapters one to three and started on chapter four which is where the structure is 'the beat sheet'. Now that I have a rough draft do I horne it to the formular/beat sheet or do I do my own thing? Also bearing in mind this is a screen writing book and not

National November Writing Month - What's in it for you?

Apart from the nice fluffy feeling that you can acheive a 50 thousand word novel in a month, set a goal and acheive it, what do you get? Well apart from the normal ego there is a good reason to do it. Discounted software. A better reason to win or complete the goal you get half price off some well known writing software. Scrivener and Storist. Merely writing a novel under pressure with a bunch of strangers, sorry fellow writers doesn't do it for me. But the fact that a Loved Family Member (LFM) has promised to give me their Air Mac when they done with it, has given me an good incentive. Yes, I'm using the pural, whatever. Purely mencanary view and I feel bad though I don't know why is that I can get Storist and Sceiver for half price if LFM does pass it down. If fact LFM usauslly give me cast offs which are much treasured and used for years. Last year I did take part and finish a novel called Deanna and managed to claim 50% of a PC based Scrivener. I use Storist in my iPA

Update of Saving Kendra

You know what, I'm not sure what I'm doing with that novel called Saving Kendra. Its complete and on ice for the moment. I took time out from the online writing community/workshop I am a member of (Scribophile) and decided just to roll with it. I was pleased with the end results. A few twists, lots of tears and some type of ending. However going forward I'm still not sure how to proceed. I've taken off Scribophile because again I'm don'ty want to workshop it without knowing where it's going. It's currently unedited about 140k words so I need to cut off at least 40k words. Easy enough but there is also thinking of what to cut and who. Still I love the story. I really do. It's a good story, interesting and quirky. A family members says I do quirky well. The main story also developed into Noah's story so that was interesting from my point. Kendra didn't do much more - she was still her normal self but Noah dominated. However in rewrites I'd

Nearly completed first draft of Saving the Cat Novel - Just Final Image left.

Yay! I'm nearly done to the first draft of my Saving The Cat - structure Novel. This is awesome - see the words I'm using now. Really, it's a great feeling I just need a few more words and I'm in the reading stage. It is a very raw draft so I'm sure yet. The end came up a bit blurrr but I think I'll change that. So do they end up together? I don't know. It's fun to say the least and refreshing I'm about to do this in this time frame. A question posed by the online writing community/workshop I belong to (Scribophile) was did I want to hit a dead line or did I want a good book. Both I guess but I won't know until I've tried out. Right now I've figured out my theme. I'm using the image of sexy black man in the pool. Yum. Let's roll with this. Oh, just the normal compemtoary romance with a lot of sex. A family member says I write quirky books - yeah, I get board so alway have some screwed up theme going on. But I'm handing o

New erotic series using Save The Cat

Disclaimer - I know I can't spell. I know my grammer is appalling. Whatever let's roll with this sh*t. This is picture of sexy black man in a pool from The kinda looks like one of my heros. Yes! Okay so I'm gonna try and write a series using the Blake Synder Save The Cat template. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's for screen writing but who cares. Not me. So I've a delicious set of fine men, some crazy scenerios with plenty of fucking. Oh yeah, no love making or sex. Just plain up fucking so I'm excited to see if I can realise the concept from beginning to end. As for my other novel well, let's just say I'm not really sure where it is going genre wise. I've got a series planned with that too. Three standalones but I still need to place it as within the market. So though I love it but I'm not sure where it goes. Is it worth editing? It is because it's about three high power couples and each book goes one step

Save the Cat and a series

So I'm totally up for writing a series now. Not sure what. I have four brothers and two sisters with a marchoion mother.  One of the sons is a real baddie. I'm trying to plot his book now. However I've decided to use Save The Cat as a plot sheet. And why not it seems to be the in thing to. So just need to see if I can plot a book. Okay that's me. I want to type rather than hand write it. So not sure. Oh well it is what it is. So look out of it soon. Well soon-ish. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo

Being a serious writer

I've never being a serious writer. For various reasons. Namely because I wrote mostly for myself and the first drafts were okay. Secondly because I had too many beginnings, endings but no good middles.  Thirdly, I hated redrafting stories. Fourthly, I have poor SPaG skills. That is my grammar and spellings are appalling. But not I'm thinking maybe I need to take things a bit more seriously and try for publication. It will mean a lot of redrafting and editing but that's cool. I might just take that leap. Not for Chasing Kendra since not too sure about the premise. But for my other stories. Yeah, why not. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo

The Scale (Martha's Way 1) by Mika Jolie

  This is one of the of the best romances I've read in a LONG TIME. I loved it! It's brilliant and even writing a review will not give it justice, but I'll try. Just get it because it's that good, positive and uplifting with a good ending. It’s also funny at times. About the story Most women (or me) can all relate to Minka, the main female character, who like most of us, defines herself by her flaws/issues - a few pounds overweight, insecurity about her body, confidence issues (which thanks goodness doesn't stop her from jumping into bed with Jason) and loves her glass of wine with a nice dessert, and likes to feel sorry for herself at times. And she is supposedly in love with an old college crush - the one she thinks that got away (you’ll need to read the book for more details). So we can all relate to her in one way or another, including her stubbornness in clinging to those issues and using them as an excuse not to get on with her life or even make the way

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green Review

The Fault In Our Stars. First thing is if I were within the age group of this targeted readership I'd think it was the best book I'd ever read. My heart would swell, swell and more swelling till it shattered into a million pieces and I'd be on a bus somewhere weeping, sniffing and crying my eyes out. But I'm not. I'm very over the targeted age group by at least ten years. So as a writer it just seems John Green has taken the romance genre, typical roles and switched them with a tingle of reality. He's also made a instant sympathy background using the subject matter. It's a brave bold choice and he pulls no punches but goes for what he thinks it truth. And it works. It's a standard romance between Hazel and Augustus (Gus) with a fairly predicaable but unpredictable twist given the backdrop. It's nice, sweet and teary.  John Green may become the Nicholas Sparks of YA romance.  However if you old hand at reading romances, you'd recognise

Daily writing rant: Sex scene, Aha moment, falling in love

So I've been writing this story about some dude called Noah and a chick Kendra and it's being bloody hard work. I kid you not. There is more to writing a novel than getting to characters on board. I need to study motivation, feelings and thoughts. I need to look at scene logic and it aint going well, I can tell you that. Not even saying my grammar is appalling and spell check doesn't even begin to pick up my typos. So whatever the weather. I feel I'm not writing. I'm just mulling over silly love scenes in the my head. Finally got the Aha moment when they fall in love. Finally. Finally. Oh, heck, yes. I've got that bitch on lockdown. Now I have to destory it all again - push the two lovers apart with conflict, doubts and bad weather. Plenty of bad weather. There's a badass ex lurking going to give the hero a run for his money. Or the chick. I probably need to revise the chick because she's pretty weak but who cares? Well readers might. I'm getti

What next in my novel: Making my character likable.

So I've been critiquing on and sometimes I think I come over very harsh because my work isn't really all that but then I guess it's my opinion about the work and I'm not one to really keep back. So my problem now is about my main female character who is really a pain in the ass. Really. The problem is that she is unsympathic and unlikable and given a reader will have to spend a lot of time with her she is a complete headbanger.  Heck, I don't even like her. The alternative is to make her more likeable but that will change themes in the story and to be frank, I sort of done with the book. I can't think of one good thing to say about her which is a real issue.  I guess when I first started the book I was just writing about a made up person - telling a fictional story but now I'm having to make that story appeal to others. My female MC isn't aspirational and she could be seen to be over the top. However I'll just leave it to the en

Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle.: What I am looking for in a critique (a summary of ...

Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle.: What I am looking for in a critique (a summary of ... : I've said it many times before, and I'll say it again: I am Lajos Egri 's bitch. The Art of Dramatic Writing is in widespread... ----------------------------------------------------------- Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo