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Been a semi-entrepreneur is TOUGH!!! Wolves in Sheep Clothing.....

Hey everyone, Things have been busy! Very busy. I mean my writing. The self publishing world is murky as well as other bad things I shall not mention. But I shall overcome and persevere. Perseverance is the only way forward in this shady murky business.  Yes. I will overcome. I will pray and step forward, keeping in my own lane. Anywho writing is long term, so I can't complain because I've just written a novella. I'm not a one-book writer so I shall persevere and do the next. Other Things I decided to have a podcast about taking on the life of semi-entrepreneur. I'm doing  on youtube so if you want to listen you are welcome. I'll aim for once a week. Other than that, I'm managed to lose about 10 pounds. Yay. I'm wearing clothes. I haven't worn in ages. It's a late but next time I write, I'll give an update on my declutter as well. Keep well. Annax

Teaser Another Chance By Wuraola

Hello Fam, So I'm now promoting this book for the Wuraola Writing Group. I need to post it on my IG page. It's available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Amazon UK: Amazon US: GoodReads: Apart from that, I'm tired but in a good place. I'm catching up on everything. Catch you up with you, when this heat is over. xxxx -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo

New Release & Cover Reveal: Another Chance by Wuraola

Dear Internet Family, I'm super excited to reveal the debut novel Another Chance by Wuraola. It's now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. The Blurb of Another Chance The day Zak Lucas walks back into the Deanna's life, her luck turns for the worse. Her roommate abandons her, she can't meet her rent, and she owes this handsome stranger big time. She's hit rock bottom, so she definitely has no choice in the matter when Zak offers her a lifeline. Zak Lucas is an NBA superstar and there are three things he doesn't mess around with: his family, loyalty and money. Deanna messed with all three. Still she attracts him like a bee to honey. She betrayed him once, will she do it again? A second chance contemporary romance. This is a novella at 16,000 words. Amazon UK: Amazon US: Happy Reading Anna xxx Chapter One Extract The transfer to the Forechester Fire Spurs was one of the best moves in Z