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Weekly Report: Current novel-in-progress and going to Apple Store Covent Garden.

Hello everyone, Not much happening apart from still working at home. Apple Store Covent Garden Went to Covent Garden and it's empty. Nobody, like probably about twenty people walking down Neal Streets, when before there used to be hundreds of people rushing up and down, in and out of shops. It felt like an early morning Saturday before the shops opened though it was Friday midday. I got to the Apple shop and they are very serious about the CoVID 19 protection. First they request you sanitise your hands, like they are serious, as in actually asking you. Most shops or stores just have a sign. After which they take your temperature... Yes, they have one of those high tech air thermometers, once you are given the all clear, you are allowed into the store.  Then you sit down while they get the stuff for you, so no loitering and browsing in the store touching stuff and getting free internet for the fun of it. Nope, Apple is highly organised. Got what I needed and was soon on my merry way

October 2020 Report on Pipeline dreams: Novel-in-progress, Family news including baby.

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well and keeping safe and taking care in these times. I'm still working from home and it's been hard. But not as hard as things happening around the globe in terms of people losing their lives, families and livelihood. Then there has been all the civil unrest, protests and general mayhem.  It's been tough for everyone. It's been difficult to think about what to write about. For me' life has generally just being staying at home, working from home. There has been limited movements so that has been a huge adjustment. I've visited Big Momma, regularly. And seen Sis - great news on that side is that Sis now has Baby. Novels-in-progress update  I have ten novels in the pipeline, and I'm rather sheepish about it because I thought my current novel-in-progress would be published by now. It was supposed to be released in Feb 2019 and is nearly a year and a half ago. I'm still in the writing it, so not sure when. However I other b