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Up Date on Happenings: Newly Single & 17% pay raise.

Hey Everyone,

So update since my last entry. Well I had a brief fling with Mr Sexy Guy and decided he wasn't the one for me. He was cool but I learned the difference between lust, chemistry and personality. It just didn't tango for me.

I'm still grossly overweight, well, fat. I don't think there is anything wrong with being called fat. I am fat. I need to lose weight but that means getting organised and stop eating delicious food. Then again my knees are hurting me and joints feel the ache. I also haven't been to the gym in three months despite paying for it. But when I do, I normally go for the sauna, hot tub and   steam room session. I've thought of cancelling the exorbitant membership but in the climate apart from bills it's the one thing that is just for me...that when I use it.

Work is fine, managed to get a 17% pay raise. A big thanks to my boss who also pushed for it. It's good to work for people who support you in that matter. I think that is critical in asking for a raise - you have a boss who thinks you are worth it, supports you and if needs be fight your corner. It makes all the difference. So I'm earning national average within my sector for my job. It would be nice to earn my home city average with is a few coins more but I'm happy and grateful for with what was achieved.

I've closed down my reality show blog, it wasn't time for it to come to an end since I no longer regularly watch those shows. I have another blog called Apples and Peanuts, A Book club of One where I review books I read. I read a lot, like to talk about books so it made sense it was something I could blog about.

I'm thinking of blogging more frequently, and not sure. It not really to do with being busy, it's  more about what do I blog about? I like food - yes why I'm fat, but I rarely cooking  nowadays. I guess I can blog about what's happening in my life but some things I think it's too boring or private - protecting the guilty and shameless. I'm also writing but that tends to bore others who don't write.

I have a few things simmering on the back burner which I'll probably chat about soon. Like how I got my 17% pay-raise, the actions the led there, other changes that are happening.

I guess I'll aim to blog at least one a fortnight like every two weeks.

Till then take care.

Big Love



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