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3 things I've Learnt from Blogging

Have a specific purpose This really helps in getting hits and views. This blog is mostly for my relaxation and because I like writing but if you are going to be serious, you'd probably need to figure out a particular purpose and stick to it. I've had a number of blogs over the years and in my experience having a singular purpose in a blog makes a different. So my most successful blog to date was blogging about reality shows when I used to watch them but I stopped when I found them boring.  That blog was about popular culture and my hits used to average about 1000 a day, for lesser shows in was in the hundreds, on this site a good post will get about ten hits others just about two or three.  This blog is generally just me doing my thing, for myself and my writing. The review blog was me sharing my opinion about shows which other people watched. I think informational and opinion blogs do very well so blogs like fashion, TV, gaming, politics, travel, hobbies, advice, co

A picture of something that makes me happy..

Holidays! This was taken in Salou which is on the on the Costa Dorada in Spain. Ma and I normally go every year apart from this one because I got a new role, there was a learning curve. We normally go for about seven to ten days. Most of the time we stay in the resort hotel or walk to the beach or go in Tarragona which has a world protected site as an old roman colony. 

Tiring week and got an injury on a rebounder.

It's a long tiring week with deadlines at work, attending creative writing classes and showing Ma a new music app, so I haven't got much to talk about. I also pulled a muscle in the sole of my left foot while jumping on a gifted Rebounder from Sis. Yes, I was in pain, so much pain, I didn't leave the house for three days, and worked from home.  I guess I was over enthusiastic and was on it for longer than I should have been, didn't consider I wasn't used to this sort of exercise. So I had to RICE -  R est, , I ce pack- C ompressed - I used bandages and have my foot E levated. So next time, I think I'd wear proper gym shoes, I just wore grip socks and do a warm up and then just stay on it for about three to five minutes rather than thirty minutes just merrily jumping along.

Ops - Week 45 of the 52-week money challenge - but there is MONEY THIS WEEK YAY!

Ops, I actually miscounted the weeks and I missed out week 44 so here we go! I have a hundred pounds, yes a WHOLE hundred pounds fresh for the ATM machine and I actually managed not to break into it as well. Why? Well this month has been very busy at work, I also had to work from home for a few days due to a sports related injury this meant I wasn't spending as much money on lunch or other things. Basically the busier I am at work, the less time I have to spend money. This pays for weeks 45 and 44 which is £99 pounds but I have £1 change which I can use the pay off an IOU!  So from Week 41, I owed £11.00 and I've reduce that by £1 to make it £10. I guess that's it until next week.

5 Gifts from my Sister, Sis...

My sister is one of the most generous people I know, and she tends to buy things in twos - one for her and another for me. So these are five of her gifts. My MacBook Air This is was a present a few years ago and has been excellent for me. Light, hardwearing and durable. Neals Yard Aromatherapy Diffuser  She got me this for Christmas and I use it regularly to unwind and relax. Chinese Quilted Jacket Sis gifts me lots of clothes and this was one she brought back from her trip to China. NutRi Bullet - smoothie maker She's really into healthy eating, detox and all that stuff so she got me smoothie maker when she got hers. I use it once in a while, normally for fruit or veggie smoothies. It's quick and easy to clean.  Fit bounce Pro Rebounder (trampoline) The trampoline is the latest gift. She got herself one, and was super excited and impressed with it so got me one too. This is it all set up in my front room. Thank you, Sis!

Week 43 of the 52 Week Money Challenge - missed two weeks and on third. Another IOU of £126

Things have been very busy!  In the last three weeks I've gone on a short holiday break to Brighton, then had to catch up with others things. So yet another week passes and I have no funds to put in the money jar. Yes, indeed, no funds at all. So this week, I'm simply going go write another IOU to the tune of one hundred and twenty six pounds sterling . When I first took on this challenge, I thought it would be easy and plain sailing but so far, I've had to navigate some rough waves. I don't have the money pot in view but I shall put this IOU of £126 in it. I guess the real lesson here is if you want to save, DON'T HOP ON TO A BLOG CHALLENGE. Please note the below is not FINANCIAL ADVICE  - FOR FINANCIAL ADVICE PLEASE CONSULT A QUALIFIED FINANCIAL ADVISER The best way is to Work out how much you want to save - like your goal for the year. Even better work out what you want to save for. If it's rainy day savings that's fine. Work out how muc