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Test driving & Review: Abode illustrator 2023 release by Brian Wood: 5 Lesson TRANSFORMING ARTWORK

5 Lesson TRANSFORMING ARTWORK This is my result image and of course I changed some stuff to make it less boring. I do feel some options have changed even since the book is for Abode illustrator 2023 and I'm using version 2024. However I'm using the essential classic workspace  which means tools don't change.  This was the lesson menu and I have no idea why its blurred but this lesson was mostly about learning skills. Add, edit, rename, and reorder artboards in an existing document.  Navigate artboards.  Work with rulers and guides.  Position objects with precision.  Move, scale, rotate, and shear objects using a variety of methods.  Explore the mirror repeat.  Work with the Puppet Warp tool. Most of it was boring because I was working with demo files and just learning where things where and now they worked rather than doing much. I think it's a good reference chapter incase I wanted to do anything complicated.  At this point, I feel the book is just more or less demons

Test driving & Review: Abode illustrator 2023 release by Brian Wood: 3 Lesson MAKE A LOGO WITH SHAPES and Lesson 4 EDITING AND COMBINING SHAPES AND PATHS

 3 Lesson MAKE A LOGO WITH SHAPES  This lesson was more interesting and about making logo with shapes.  Topics covers  Create a new document.  Use tools and commands to create a variety of shapes. Understand Live Shapes. Create rounded corners. Work with drawing modes. Use the Place command. Use Image Trace to create shapes. Simplify paths. It was a bit dull to begin with but after a while it got exciting because I was creating shapes. Overall,  I'd say the property panel needs a bit of practice and honestly my shapes didn't make the grade.  However I've learnt maybe best to think in layers or shapes. Like sketch it before hand in composite shapes. Yes it does spoil the magic a bit but it may prepare one for the lessons.  Note, I think there may be different configurations because the line segment tool in my package  has it's own option and does not reside as an option under the rectangle icon. Complaint: Yes. I thought it was going to do the handwriting the complicated