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Test driving & Review: Abode illustrator 2023 release by Brian Wood: 2 Lesson - TECHNIQUES FOR SELECTING ARTWORK

Lesson 1 was a bust. A waste of time because it was more a review and demonstration so I have not done that. It was about getting to know the workspace rather than doing anything productive, so I skipped it. I was excited at first when I saw the complicated image but realise it was just a demo. Then for lesson two I realised I had to download the lessons (yes, I did). So I registered and got the download.  Lesson 2: TECHNIQUES FOR SELECTING ARTWORK Lesson overview and objectives in bold and my comments.  Differentiate between the various selection tools and use selection techniques. This was basically using the selection arrows so was easy enough.  Recognize Smart Guides. It was okay. Save selections for future use. This was a good tip and may come in useful as I continue working through the book. Hide, lock, and unlock items. Good tip because it means I don't have lots of stuff and get confused. The outline vs CPU feature is also goo. Use tools and commands to align shapes and poi

Test driving & Review: Abode illustrator 2023 release by Brian Wood: 0 Lesson - A Quick Tour Of Adobe Illustrator (2023 release)

Yes, I'm back again. The Substack thing didn't work out and I'm going to get email list which will alert when I have new content for  those who like reading the blog.  Abode Illustrator 2023 release by Brian Wood I got this book out and yes, I know 2024 is out but I thought this was good enough. My main goal is to make my new book cover using illustration. There are 16 lessons and one introductory one which I call lesson 0. A Quick Tour Of Adobe Illustrator (2023 release)  The introductory lesson is suppose to be a quick tour around the software with an image at the end. This is mine below. It was supposed to take only 30 minutes but took me longer, over three days but I didn't time it. Above is the result and a lot of things I had do to over and over again before it sunk it.  However you can register the copy and get a digital version with the lesson files. I didn't because I need to run through it. I could have done this with social media - youtube and other platf