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5 things on my bucket list

This is a hard one for me because I tend to have a list and then go do it. Typical bucket list things are getting professional qualifications, sky driving, sailing, scuba driving, white water rafting etc, and I've done these things before bucket lists became trendy. I take a bucket list to mean a wishlist rather than goals. Learning to drive I need to find the time for this, I don't typically need a car in my city since there is a good transport system, parking and owning a car is expensive and I walk to most places. So this will be on my bucket list.  Complete my novel series It's been slower than I thought but I'm currently working on the first of the series. Go to Vegas I'd love to go there since one of my characters got married here. It would be interesting to see the place I've only ever imagined or seen on a movie/film. Visit LA Another place where one of my characters relocates to. It would be interesting to go on a tour around all the

Week 41 - 52 week money challenge. Life Happened so Only Have £30 and IOU for £11

Life simply happened this week with the money I had planned to bank in the money jar. I was organised this week, and took out the full sum of £40 plus I had a pound coin in my bag but then I broke in the one of the ten pounds for lunch. I had a nice vegetarian lasagne at work. It was so delicious that  I'm considering making at home. So that accounted for £4.50. My phone camera is playing up and took the money challenge in soft focus, perhaps that is hint I need a new phone. That left three ten pound sterling and one five pound notes and a one fifty pence coin. Yes change of £35.50, but I'm not sure where the rest went. I probably bought some breakfast, or chips. It's hard to remember, that's the problem with carrying money around. I probably should have withdrawn it on the day.  Anyway it just means I only have thirty pounds in cash this week for the money pot. 

My favourite Super Hero and My first Faber Course Session.

Over the years, I've had many favourite super heroes. Real or fiction, I've been fortunate to come across many - at home, work, play, in newspapers, fiction, non fiction and history books.  One of my  favourite super hero is my mother aka Big Momma or Ma or Mummy. She is super and a hero. It's nice to have accessible real life heroes - you can phone and just natter for hours on end and they will listen. They will help pick up after you, follow you to places, support you, encourage you. At times also pay for you even though they don't need to. Tidy up after you. Be there for you. Help you.  Inspire you. A real hero not a fragment of the imagination. That's why Ma is my super hero, she is super and a hero.  Faber Editing Course I attended the first session last week, and it was very thoughtful and interesting. No editing as such, it was more about thinking about genres. The tutor is extremely good. I went in expecting a whole load of notes and hando

Week 40 - 52-week challenge, another £40 in the pot!

So forty pounds in the pot, and no IOU this week. 40 weeks gone and another 12 weeks to go to completion. Wow!