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Show my desk - keyboard and lap top set up for working at home.

At times, I work from home so I use a dell laptop and attach it to a keyboard. 

5 things I do when I'm not writing.... I got my place on the writing course!

5 things I do when I'm not writing... Reading This is an obvious one, but I read a lot more when I'm not writing. My most recent books are  Ordinary People by Diana Evans, Milkman by Anna Burns and Normal People by Sally Rooney.  Spend time with family This is either talking on the phone, going out or visiting.  Scribophile This is an online writer's workshop where I hang out, and discussions, debates and just general social conversation take place in the forums. I do the odd critique but not so much since I'm not writing. It is well moderated site and I like it. Watching films/movies I watch DVD films now and again though I haven't been to the cinema in ages.  Unwinding with podcast or a radio talkshow Sometimes after work, I unwind to a podcast show. I plug in my phone into loudspeakers, turn off the main lights and use my lampshade, then listen.  I got my place on the writing course! I'm pleased and excited to say I got a place on

Week 39 of the 52 Week money challenge -£39 PAID IN FULL plus an extra pound! Possible Plans for Money!

Finally I had the cash to put into the money pot in FULL. Yes, it's been recently pay day so I decided it was time to be a big spender - or saver. However this was only week 39 so I had a whole extra pound to put towards an IOU! So I pulled out one of the old IOU for £2 and paid off a £1. Possible Plans for Money! My phone screen has cracked so I'm thinking of investing in an iPhone 6. I'm not sure yet. At present I have One Plus but at the time when I bought it, no one made cases and when it went wrong - with the screen it cost me about £200 to fix it. This was the same price as a new phone! So I'm thinking of getting an iPhone with proceeds of the 52 week Money Challenge, but that depends on me paying off all the IOUs and completing it. Next week will be week Forty. Whew! And in the meanwhile I shall be looking at new or reconditioned phones.

Show me your desk - books by Stylo Fantome, May Sage, London Miller and Ivy Asher

Back again after a break. So on the lower left handside of my desk is the money pot and a pen. Moving up is the stack of books I bought from the RARE 19 events. I bought books from Stylo Fantome, May Sage, London Miller and Ivy Asher - all of them gracious, beautiful and glamorously turned out.  Most of the  authors were all beautiful women - so RARE19 it could have easily been a social media meet and greet event of Youtube beauty influencers and creatives, only with authors and their books. It was a glamorous event with a good feel atmosphere so you can see why fans flock. It's a real day out! These are all new authors to me as I attended the event out of curiosity. Last year, I happened to come across an indie author's page who had a blog post on it, so I found out more details and went.  There was no real method to buying the books, I just happened to arrive, and there where so many people so it was tables that really caught my eyes. The first was beautiful a

I attended #RARE19 in London and My Favourite and Most Used Phone Apps

RARE19 London Once Upon A Time I went to this huge romance authors and readers event on Saturday and I had an excellent time. On a whim and out of curiosity, I bought the tickets about a year ago and luckily my calendar reminded me of the event about two weeks ago. It was fantastic to see all those authors and readers in one place. It was a great buzzing atmosphere. This is just a snapshot but it was bigger and busier than this.  I discovered new authors out of my typical reading genre so I decided to explore beyond the remits of what I normally read. And yes, all my books were signed. I'd probably do a blog on that.   My 5 Favourite  and Most Used Apps Amazon Kindle  I have Kindle Unlimited so I use it to read my books on subscription. I guess another blog would be showing my to be read list. I'll probably end it soon because I don't read much from it.  WhatsApp This is for connecting with family mostly. Spotify I listen mostly to podcasts o

Week 38 of the 52 week money challenge: I've missed weeks 35, 36, 37 with only £60 cash Oh dear!

So I've missed a few weeks and I only have £60 to give. In fact, I had this money in week 36 but forgot to post and two weeks more have passed since then.  I have four weeks of outstanding payment and I'm wondering which ones to pay off. Week 35? Week 36? Week 37? Week 38? Typical it makes sense to start off with the earliest but why? What's the fun in that! So with all the weeks combined I owe a £146! Yes, that much. Since I've only got £60 pounds, I'm just going to have a massive IOU for £86, the biggest amount yet.  So that's me covered for the last four weeks with a massive debt of £86. I think my debt to the money pot is now over a hundred pounds. Still probably not as much as my credit card. It seems foolhardy to collect debt here, there and everywhere.  So finally the money pot is out. You can see the other IOUs at the left side of the jar -basically white folded paper and the real money. Oh well until next week 39. Yes, week 39!

Breaking News: BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! 5 Things I spend my money on, No update on faber courses, Knee Pain

Yes, I'm back, even if it's only a week! A family subscriber told me to continue even if it was just posting pictures because she missed my posts. So I've decided to give it try just doing blog topics. 5 Things I spend my money on Pasties and Cake.  So I tend to get from Gail's (rolls and scones) and Konditor - cake and crumbles. There is a West Indian bakery in Dalston where I get spiced bun and sweet bread. They also do a fantastic vegetable pasty. I also love Marks and Spencers turnovers. The Office Biscuit/Cookie Tin At my new work place, there is an office biscuit/cookie tin (two old plastic sweet bowls) which is occasionally filled with treats. There is no real rota of who buys what or when, it's just something we do. On some occasions I've bought for the office tin. As you can see, it's just random.  On some days we have a lot, other days nothing.  Transport Essential for me getting around. Short breaks and holidays/vacations.

Breaking News: I Am Taking Blog Holiday Break Until End Of September!

Dear all, I've decided to take a break from blogging until the end of September. Also there hasn't been much to write about because I've been so busy at work, then coming home.  When I come back, I'll be about to let you know whether I got a place at the Faber Academy for yet another editing course. It took a lot for me to submit my story to them. A lot of discussions with Big Momma and Sis, both were very encouraging but I was doubtful on a few levels. First the expense, second my genre and three my setting. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. I've been stuck on that book for the last few months, so hopefully getting a place, and going on the course will make a difference. I do have another final course to consider but this is the one, I think will make a difference, if not merely because I need to rock up to class everything and deliver something. That makes a difference.  I just need a break from the blogging. This year, I've exceed my normal

Weekly Update - Missed entries due to long break, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at Sadlers Well, Local supermarket refurbished and moved stuff around, September Writing Report,

Missed entries due to long break I missed my desk because I was on away on a break. I did toy with using the one in the hotel but I forgot Monday was check-out day. Then I forgot the money bit, so I'm lagging behind a week now. I owe a decent sum to the money jar now. Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at Sadlers Well I was treated to a ticket by Big Momma, and I went to see the show. I'm not into dance per se, and I like performances to have strong narrative directions rather than just dance, otherwise I just get bored. Like really bored. They had some really good dancers in the company and some who could barely sustain positions. Okay, though I don't go to the dance performances, I used to go for classes, and my mother -Big Momma - used to be a professional dancer and then taught ballet  - so I know a bit of the art form. They got a standing ovation from people, lots of cheers and shouts, but I felt the narrative directions of the dances could have been s

Weekly Update. On Vacation or short break at Littlecote House where Henry the Eight Courted Jane Seymour.

I finally took a little break from work. It's been exhausting so not much to say. I just needed a break.  This is the back of the house. This is the bedroom we are staying in. That's my D&G handbag on the bed. I'm going to be going on a tour so will write more about that next week.