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Daily Writing Journal: Wednesday Film, Movie 0r Boxset Night: Crazy Rich Asians.

Generally it's a feel good movie though it starts off  bit like a soap opera, rom-com and drama rolled into one . Great locations, handsome actors and beautiful actresses. It starts off slow and then gets really gripping with a few twists and surprises to keep you guessing to the end.

Super rich boy carries his ordinary girlfriend back home  for a friend's wedding and to meet his family.  Only he hasn't told how rich he is. From there the fun and games starts, basically his mother hates her guts. His super rich sister also have problems with her husband,Pierre Png who had a really HOT shower scene. It's raining washboard abs, serious washboard abs. Awkwafina does a great job as Peik Lin, but all round good performance by all.

Can't say much without spoiling the story but it's good, realistic in some areas and fantasy and escapism  in others. Yeah, it's worth watching even if for something different. Even if it's a slow start. EXCELLENT ENDING! It brought tears to my eyes. Be warned you may find it a slow beginning. If only real life were that easy...

Nice sound track too...


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