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My thoughts & what's On My Mind: Life Goals, Stage in life, Writer vs Publisher dilemma

Long terms goals Today I sat on my bed looking up and ceiling and thinking what next? I have two bigger goals left. Mostly of a personal nature and one I can share. My weight and fitness. I'm definitely overweight and it's affecting my health. I started off on a fitness regime, I'm still paying for the gym but at some point three months ago, I got a bad cold and flu and didn't go. So eating and getting fit will be next...but it's been for a considerably long time, so I'm not sure what. Stage in life I discovered some home truths that makes me deeply grateful for where I am in life, and my parents. It's easy to get caught up in the not having this, regretting that, but I'm thankful. Writer vs Self-Publisher Dilemma Do I write or do I spend time building up my author's platform, and promoting myself? It's easy to get sucked into this whirlpool. With traditionally published writers all they need to do is write the best book they can. W

Cover Reveal: Business Only By Wuraola

Blurb Akemi Nichols is determined to achieve her dream of owning her business, but her present circumstances make her a risky prospect for bank loans.  One business option is for Akemi to contact her ex boyfriend, the wealthy Reid Thomas, for an investment. But she is reluctant as she dumped Reid eight years ago over a misunderstanding. However after a more of bank rejections, she decides to go and see her ex-boyfriend. Sexy businessman Reid agrees to give Akemi what she wants on one condition. She pretends to date him for six months.  An important property deal is at stake, and he needs to show he’s in a stable relationship so it goes through.  Determined to own her business, Akemi agrees to the condition.  After all, it’s only pretending .  However dazzled by the seriously gorgeous Reid, Akemi finds she is falling in love with him. Reid is also getting uncomfortably close to Akemi and wondering about his future…. Will Reid and Akemi be able to put the past behind them? Will

Cover reveal coming soon....

Hello all! So I'm beavering away at my ebook cover and hoping to reveal it in a few days. It's just a simple cover which just states  ROMANCE!!!! Apart from that my day job has been super busy, as me looking for something new. My contact is coming to an end soon. I've also been taking a course but it will be the book after this where the benefit is seen. This will be my second release in my self publishing experiment. So far I've been delayed by a whole month but I want to get cracking this weekend. I still need to learn to plan releases rather than rush and do it last minute. However early November should be okay to release it. This is more a blog on my writing journey, I do have another purely for books. Yes, I'm a blog-a-holic but it's good to go. Once I've published I'll do lessons learn from two book. Don't ask about sales because I haven't done any marketing and I'm a bit shy about telling people I know. However at some poin