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About Me

I'm Anna Aden and I live in the UK.  I publish romance titles under my middle name Wuraola, some shorts under Bigga Day.

The blog is basically my playground so no real theme as such. I write on and off, normally when I have a project on and I need to talk about it. Or have something to say.

 Oh, and I have a day career which I enjoy.


  1. Dear Bigga Day,

    My name is Bintang. I'm an Author Liaison representative, representing Webnovel.

    I found your work Second Time Round, which comes highly recommended on Smashwords. I am very interested in a business collaboration with you, and would like to offer you a Non-Exclusive Contract that will not affect your novel distribution and earnings on Smashwords. We think that the theme and genre of your novel would be a great fit for our readers here on

    What we can provide?

    1. An additional revenue stream and pool of readers
    Webnovel has a ready pool of readers with over 60 million unique page views. They crave for more novels which we believe your book will be perfect for them. This can allow us to help you build an even larger reader base.

    2. Deeper engagement with readers
    If you were to publish on Webnovel, your reader engagement would effectively skyrocket as our platform is extremely condusive for author-reader interaction, thanks to the Chapter/Paragraph comment functions.

    3. Creating more revenue streams
    On Webnovel, instead of the traditional pay-per-book model of royalty renumeration, the business model uses micro transactions and the pay-per-chapter model. This makes it more lucrative for authors who have serialized works.

    Here's the link to our site:

    Here's one article from about our recent venture with TikTok.

    If you want to reach out personally, You can contact me at:

    Facebook Messenger: Webnovel Editors
    Instagram: Webnovel Editors
    Whatsapp: +62895400959050
    Discord: Webnovel Editor-Bintang#6244


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