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John Lewis Christmas Shop pictures. Lots of Halloween people

I went to the West End to get a soft light bulb. I got a daylight one and the light is too harsh. Visted John Lewis’s Christmas Shop. See the pictures from it.  I got my light bulbs but didn't get a bag. Not at 5p. No way, it's just another government tax so it doesn't need to support charities or while charities take on the government's responsibility. Got my own bag from Sainsburys, which I can exchange for free.  Lots of people in fancy dress going to parties. No one does Guy Forkes Night anymore. Shame really. I mean there is still bon fire night but it's not as big as it used to be. Now it's all commercialisation make money with Halloween season. The shops and clubs make more money.  Went to Superdrug and got some face cream - night and day   and floss Walked a bit and my feet are killing me. Things they don’t tell you about when you got obese. I can’t even bend now. One of my knees is very painful and it really hur

NaNoWriMo: Preparing for National Novel-Writing Month

Are you ready? Are you steady? Are you ready to GO! I'll try everyday to say something motivational or a prompt or something for this period of 30 days of pure writing. Good Luck! -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo

What a day! Check out my photography from the tube adverts.

So tired all I want to do is crash out for the night. Had a big bowl of pasta. Nothing much to say. Returned some books to the library and wrote a chapter in my new novel. Yes the old one is still on hold. Just thought this looked cool. This is the Escalator Safety poster from St Pancras International Station. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo

Had breakfast from Sainsburys and Russell Brand and Katie Perry.

I actually watched the movie  - Rusell Brand the Second Coming and in no way did he insult his former wife. Not at all. He just said after going to do the Comic Relief gig in Kenya Africa he couldn't live that lifestyle. It had him searching for more answers. IT IS VERY APPARENT FROM THE MOVIE THAT RUSSEL BRAND LOVED KATIE PERRY HOWEVER DUE TO WHATEVER REASON THEY DECIDED TO END IT. HOWEVER THE REASON WAS NEVER GIVEN. So any one going to watch it to will not find a Katie Perry Bitch-fest. As I said it's obvious they loved each other, I think it just wasn't the right them for both of time. Back to me. Yes, the obesity drive is not going well as intended. I just eat and eat and eat. However I'm thinking of doing something different in the next few days. Work was okay, got there on time. Actaully five minutes given all the hassle I've had this week on the tube. Started what I earn a wage for. Lunch time. Had some chicken - fairly dry. And pudding. As I said o

Severe Delays Going To Work

It took me hours to get into work today. Lots. Ate loads of Canadian French biscuits at work. Worried about my teeth due to sugar content. Worried about my obesity. I need to do something. I need to cook. I need to get motivated. Maybe I'll start a food blog. That might be an idea. Or not. Worked late. Nothing much, maybe one day I'll have plenty to say. Well I do but can't on the internet. Oh well, tis what is it. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo

Tired and nearly forgot to do this.

Wow forgot about this diary journal thing. Nothing much happened today. Met a colleague, senior colleague on the tube. He asked whether I could cycle. Naw was my answer. Not my thing cycling in London. Still a bit tired from the clock changing. Had lunch, sausages and green beans. Didn’t have dessert today. Well I did in a way, lots of nice cakes in the office kitchen. Went to the library and did some work. Trying to do more writing but don’t think it’s working. Yay, my colleague ordered some nice avon foundation for me, so going to start wearing that. Back home and yawning. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo

Morning Rush Was Pants.

Nightmare getting in this morning. First the bus was full, and some selfish mare, refused to move down the bus to allow others to get on. I told her off saying we all had to get to work but she just looked through me. What an inconsiderate cow. These are the times one wished they could take a picture and ‘name and shame them on twitter. But it aint that serious. Its much worse living her pathetic life.  Got to the Chancery Lane to find that it was closed to inward traffic. Apparently an escalator had broken down. That’s what happens in Chancery Lane line. Had to get the bus to St Pauls and zoom down the escalators to catch the train. Needless to say I was late. Work was so so. Chef was experimenting so had a new recipe for lunch. It was okay, also forgot my obesity drive and had a pudding. Went to the gym, only to find I’d forgotten my padlock, toiletries  and top, so I decided to go home and work out - well take a longish walk. I’m taking a break for my

An Evening with Richard Huntingford at Kaplan Connects event

Went for a Kaplan Connects networking event at the City Hall. Well that is the London City Hall and listened to  the inspiring Richard Huntingford give an excellent speech on mastering our careers. It was very insightful and motivating and left me in high spirits all nights. Then met my former tutor who’d put in a lot to make a dry subject interesting. Especially given the class were after work. So yeah, Kaplan rocks and I’ll highly recommend going. Now I’ve just got to put my professional record forward for admission and membership of my professional body. That is also hard. Work was fine, had a lasagne for lunch, and someone gave us biscuits so I munched into that. I’ve forgotten about my obesity drive. Actually I didn’t. I was queuing for a Whooper meal at Burger King but the services was very slow.  My local branch is chaotic at times but this time I wasn’t impressed because there was no reason to be. This is because the bugers were on the oven tray, chips on

Black History Month, eating donuts and listening to Charlie Sloth on BBC 1 Xtra

The latest celeb gossip is about Beyonce and her age. Okay. Big deal. So what? Who cares? Woke up twice this morning before time. The first time, I worried about a work task, the second time I though I needed to stock on fruit and veg. It was dizzling today when I went to work. Work was okay. Lunch is okayish - the quiche was salty, ands wasn’t  impressed by pudding so didn’t have any.   Had a black history month event on Windrush, and a few speakers. It was good. Had to do a labourous and tedious task, so put on my earphones and listened to BBC 1 Xtra only for Head Huncho, the guv’ner to come in. Explained I needed music in the background otherwise the would drag on. That’s how we roll. I listened to the top 100 ‘radio friendly’  version of Hip Hop turns, and was surprised that playa’s athem wasn’t on it. Then I turned into Charlie Sloth, and made progress on the rest of my task. Happy to say, I’d done nearly half and will complete them tomorrow. As for Charlie Sloth,

Liverpool Station people clutter the platform and Waitrose has long queues at till with closed lanes.

Lamar wakes up and the first words to Khloe Kardashian are ‘I love you.’ Okay. Sounds like the making of a media love story. I empathise with Khloe, it’s not easy sitting by someone’s bed side, only leaving to go to the toilet, some coffee or sleep. Yet. Yet.  It’s an interesting situation.  There is something manipulative about it. I just hope Khloe doesn’t get caught up, or even Lamar - they are real people after all. Anyway they all know what they are doing…this life of fame and reality shows. At what point do the cameras stop? Maybe never. Good luck to all involved. As for my boring-ish life. Went to work, spoke to my colleagues - one who was a theatre set designer now turned painter. The other an ex-model, who used to do car shows. Yep, super car shows in Dubai. How cool is that? She even had a ride in a Butti - she’s gonna be my car consultant in the my novel. Oh yeah rock on. Other colleague is sharpening his looks for a special party on the weekend. Got his hair all cut

Soan Papdi sweetened my day.

The bus stop was fairly busy this morning. Dipped a bit into Michael Charon's Telegraph Avenue. I like the sounds of the story but his heavy descriptions are putting me off. At times, he even goes 'harlequin romance' and uses the word 'pivot' just so he can be specific. The only people I know who use that word in fiction are American romance writers. Anyway I'm not feeling the book because I like a little more action in my books and not layered with description - no matter how clever or original it is. Yawn. Boring. However I'll keep on trying. Got to work to find out I missed some kind of drama. Great. Had lunch, not so great. Didn't have pudding either. Bought a book from the charity bin - not that interesting but was only 50p. Ate some bengoli sweets called Soan Papdi. Very nice. Flaky and yum.  After a long day at work, went to the gym. Crowded and full of super-fit people. I'm still on my obesity drive, and glad to announce this is the

Lazy Sundays Working on Novels.

Did more work on my novel’s plot and household chores. Didn't go to the pub today therefore didn't have eggs, ham and chips. Yes, it helps with the fight against flab. Then again I had apple and raisin buns so I'm not sure.  I’m using some craft books and Writers' & Artists' Guide to How to Write by Harry Bingham to be fairly interesting. I like his angle though he does come over a little preachy and overbearing at times. However it has being enlightening for this stage, however there was a glaring typo on one page. A number instead of a letter. So I guess I spent most of my morning looking at a plot structure. Then I went for a walk outside to get some fresh air. Nothing really happening. Ended up in Marks and Spencers where I remembered I needed a pair of tights - they don’t tend to last nowadays. Nipped into Tescos, just because. Come back home to do more work on my novel’s structure. Watched a bit of Fifth Element with Bruce Willis. Those were the

Daily Mutterings - Please Wash Your Hands Debate

Woke up with the intention going straight to the gym, however got bogged down reading books on plot. Yeah, I need to get disciplined with the whole editing phrase of my novel. Then got caught up with a Twilight ReImagined forum debate on my online writing workshop. Geez, six years later Twilight is still considered the greatest American Novel to be written by some.Yeah. Tis true. I’m not even going to go there. Heck why not because once Twilight is mention then of course Fifty Shades of Greys follows. Then someone asked for advice on how to tell a room mate to wash their hands. Apparently she doesn’t wash her hands after using the toilet, more so she leaves the door open.  You gotta wonder. Any road everyone goes up in arms about how gross it, mostly women commenting since most men hardly wash their hands. I know because I had to tell my ex a number of times before it sank in. Please wash your names. Most dudes just  whip it out, have a lash, toss it dry, then walk out.

Rush Hour and Lola's Red Velvet Cake

Exhausted again. Work and a lack of proper sleep drained me. So today. Got the tube again. Why is it that some people just stand in the middle of the carriages without consideration for anyone else. Yesterday it was sour-face puss today was some bloke fiddling with his phone. He even  refused to sit down or make way for someone else to sit down. These people tend to get off at Bank, yeah so sue me for having a picture of Liverpool Street station. I'll try and get one of Bank sometime but that place can be a crush zone. Lunch was okay. On the way from work to the tube some crazy woman screamed at a driver and thumped his car. Then she started screaming at other people. Quickly went to the tube before I drew her attention. Stopped by Lola and they are already preparing for Halloween, whenever that it. Nah, I don’t know nor do I care.  Decided to get a cup cake from Lola to treat myself. Let's face it obesity shouldn't get in the way of having a red velvet cu

Another Entry for this Journal Business.

Exhausted but doing this sentence thing. Work was long today becaue I was tired. Got some herbal tea called Clippers, Snore and Peace. Had rumbarb crumble - it was okay. It depends on the Chef. However the chicken and mushroom pie was delicious. Yeah I like my food, nothing new. Got home on the tube and it was rather crowded. Had a conversation about a new Waitrose opening up at work. I'm off to bed now.   Posted with Blogsy

Burnt Fish fingers!

Woke up fairly early but got to work a bit late. The bus stop was crowded so when the bus came we were all crushed like sardines in a tin. Worked late again but when to the gym. Put on more weight I guess the coconut jam sponge yesterday was no good. When to Sainsburys for a spot of shopping and bought a colouring book and paid 5p for a bag. Came home and put some fish fingers on the grill, forgot about them so they burnt. That's a reminder to get batteries for my smoke alarm. Yeah that's it for today. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks Barnes and Nobles Kobo

Missed seeing Hannibal Buress

Just thought cake was a nice picture. Work up, wizzed out of bed and cleaned the bathroom. Listened to Magic Radio about fears. Same old music, then went to work. Thought about how my role added ‘value’ to the organisation. Had a few meetings. At lunch time had smoked haddock and despite my diet I had a coconut jam sponge with custard for sweet.  Had planeed to see a famous comdiean called Hannibal Buress. So dragged myself on the tube to Kentish town only to find he’d sold out. Made my way home and stopped over in Pret for a muffin.  That’s about it for my entries today.

Went to the gym and my day

I worked later than I thought I would then went to gym. I was on the treadmill for about twenty minutes then decided to stretch. I hadn't been to the gym in a very long time. I haven't worked out in months. Weighed myself and I'm 40 pounds over my fat weight. Yes, it's all the cakes I eat. Listened to music which reminded me of all the plans I had when I was younger. Thought of how I thought my novel was boring and didn't make sense. Then I thought according to whose standards. Mine? And where did I get those standards, I'm obviously only writing at the standard I can. Now I'm home I think I need to listen to more music. If music be the food of love, then play on. The only line I remember from a Shakespearean play which I forget now. -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Day's books on Apple iBooks

Day of Reflection and shopping for soup condiments.

I'm working on this one sentence project - which can be also a few more. Just liked this picture. Woke up early and did some critiquing on the Scribophile.  Went for a walk and ended up in the supermarket, and did some reflection on what next while eyeing stuff up in  M&S and Sainsburys. Bought some golden delicious apples, hot sauce (made with scotch bonnets) and some cereal. Took the bus home, did some critiquing on Scribophile. Had some banter with the witty Flutterer of Eyelashes - the writer Emily B. She's all about beta men reigning in Romance. After that decided it was time to make some soup for the week,  so went to get some supplies. Got an onion squash since it was cheaper than butter squash, it's looks a but odd. I'm going to make some soup. Did a blog entry about editing my novel on wordpress. I guess that was it.  Did a bit more but sticking to the One sentence r -----------------------------------------------------------  Check out Bigga Da