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Question #1: When did you last take time for yourself

  I'm migrating to Substack though I may occasionally still blog here since I am fond of blogger and all my blogs are here.  Read more on Substack  Note you don't need to subscribe 

My African American & Black Love Romance Adventure Nearly Ready After Four Years.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this. This post is going to be about my upcoming black love and African American contemporary romance release, which I think tentatively will be late this year or early 2024. It will be a six-part serialised novel, and I'll reveal the date nearer the time. It has been five years since my last black love romance novel. I have two novellas published on Amazon, and I'm  pleased to finally say, I'm about to publish again. It's been a long time.  I planned to release this book in February 2019, but after a long writer's block and other things, it had taken me this long to complete it.  If you follow this blog on and off, I've spoken about it a lot over the years. I'm thinking maybe I should relabel those blog posts as a series of how it developed.  The Story Description The names have changed well from Angelica to Pippa but it's fine.  Everyone wants someone special but PIPPA MILLER thinks not her. She

Save The Date - Free Romance Promotion for 5 Days For Another Chance

Save the Date Free Promotion. For 5 days from the 22th to 24th September 2023 , I shall be running a free promotion for Another Chance. So save the date and grab yourself a copy.  Amazon UK: Amazon US: GoodReads:

Finally I'm getting close to a release date for my urban Black Love African America Romance now Pippa & Leyton

I'm working on a pre-release campaign and it isn't going how I'd like it. However if you have being reading me on and off, you'll know I've been writing some novels-in-progress for the longest times!  I stopped writing about it because it just got EMBARRASSING especially when I planned to release this book in 2019. Yes, five years ago! But it's nearly there.  Leyton & Pippa The heroine started off being called Angelica but I kept on misspelling it so I changed it to Pippa. If you look under the label Angelica & Leyton a lot will come up.  Anyway I'm exciting to say, I'm getting reading for publication soon.  Its going to be a six-part serialised instalment, and I'll have details nearer the time.  Maybe A Six Months Countdown I'm planning between three to six months, however when the details are clear, I'll write a post. I'm also doing an extended blog posts on another blog but I'll keep it short and simple here. 

On holiday And Vacation in Alcudia,Mallorca

I'm on a holiday break in Mallorca, Spain. So this means a I won't be writing the prompt. On holiday, I normally have a break from  the internet though it's difficult nowadays with free WiFi. The hotel is okay. A four star on the lower end of the scale - this means no kettle and renting the safe.   The higher end have more add ons. The room are tiny but functional and nice however in fairness it is a beach holiday destination so I doubt there is much lounging around. Food is okay. Superb beach. Everyone seems laid back and relaxed. 

Prompt 5 of 100 for Self Discovery Challenge - Day 5 Make a list of things you enjoy doing.

Day 5 Make a list of things you enjoy doing.  Used to have an active list of things I enjoyed doing but nowadays I rarely do them due to work pressures and writing my novel-in-progress. These things sound simple but not so much but I'l list ten things.  Eating desserts but I need to calm down due to my teeth. Mostly bakery products, ice cream and some sweets or candy. I've got a sweet tooth but I'm measured since my last extraction.  Going to the cinema - though I haven't done this in years Writing stories though I'm still on the same one Taking writing courses - not time since I'm focusing on the story Reading books - this has taken a hit I used to love baking but watching my weight and time pressures Beach holidays - unwind time.  Singing but rarely do that anymore Drawing but that has taken a hit with the writing so no time. Visiting family  Hanging out on Scribophile but I should probably do less of that since it take up a lot of time. It's wind down ti

Prompt 4 of 100 for Self Discovery Challenge - Day 4 Which Three Words Describe Me? Ich bin klug, Ich bin schön, Ich bin WUNDERBAR!

Day 4 Which Three Words Describe Me? As part of my goals I've been learning German so I thought it's easier to be less embarrassed and modest using a different language so I am going for  Klug - smart Schön - beautiful Wunderbar - wonderful.  Danke - thank you, 

Prompt 3 of 100 for Self Discovery Challenge - Day 3 What are three of your most cherished values?

Day 3 What are three of your most cherished values? Values? I think it's an overused concept and it's hard to tell. Values, values, values. What do I value in others and hopefully myself.  Compassion and kindness when under pressure. I can't think of a third. There are lots I can put down here but it would just be putting them down for the sake of putting them down.  Okay a third to an extent would be 'work ethic'.  

Prompt 2 of 100 for Self Discovery Challenge - Day 2 If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?

Day 2 - If you could live anywhere, where would you choose? Where I am right now in London. It's a boring answer however I am happy living where I am with family close by and in a magical city. If I could have a second home, it would be in the somewhere in the tropics with mangrove trees and a beach. A third home may be a ranch in the Rockies, or somewhere.  That was simple so catch you all in day three. 

Prompt 1 of 100 for Self Discovery Challenge - Day 1 Set Five Goals To Help You Get Closer To Your Dream Life

I picked up a book called a Pocketful of  Self-Discovery - 100 prompts from a closing down sales of a popular stationary retailer. I don't know what to do with it so I thought I would blog the prompts and see how I do after a 100 days. Let's have a start date 9th July 2023 so looking at the 17th of October. Give us a bit of flex maybe the end of October.  According to this book,   self discovery is a life long journey of learning about yourself and unlocking your true potential. This book will use prompts to help you explore your inner thoughts and beliefs to kick-start your personal growth.  I'm not convinced and for the purposes of this challenge, I'll work within the remit of the 100 days or so. So maybe we are looking at 150 days here. There is a cute little graph but due to copyright I'm just doing something else. Anyway it promises Amazing Things Will Happen. DAY ONE:  Set Five Goals To Help You Get Closer To Your Dream Life   Less stressful and better life ba

It's been a while. What I'm up to....Cal Newport & productivity, Digital clean up, Posting my 2023 Goals Late.

I've not posted since October 2022, and it's not so much time, but having something to say. So I'll just give an update on what I'm up to. Digital Clean Up I'm presently cleaning out my google drive which is currently at 2.3GB but I'm not sure what it is made up of. I guess it's conference material, some backups of my novel, and just random stuff I save. A few shared files but I'm none the wiser. Maybe random pictures but this stuff goes back ten years or since Google gave me free space. The issue with space is that it gets used up.  Cal Newport & Productivity I'm listening to Cal Newport who is a productivity guru with a sense of dry humour. I find him entertaining. I listen to him on Spotify. But here are his details if you are interested in yet another person banging on about productivity. Note, he is a professor and academic so he knows what he is talking about. So with him, it's about 'lived' and 'academic' experience rat