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My London Hood: Cecil Court where to get different kinds of books...or where Harry Potter's Diagon Alley was filmed. Need new ideas for locations...

This is a court or alleyway off Charing Cross Road and in the centre of London's theatre. It's full of bookshops selling spiritual, self-help, occult and memorabilia - pop, film etc.  It probably inspired the bookshops (aka Daigon Alley) where Harry Potter got his book or wand from. I forget.

This is the length of the court without the fancy lighting of Harry Potter studio effects. 

This is one of my favourite stores when I'm looking for a different kind of self-help on the spiritual side, or relaxation CDs I come here. I know most people now us apps and I do on some occasions but sometimes having a CD is the best. Also before Hay Publishing became huge, you could get all the books here.

Other bookstores.

Need new ideas for locations

I'm running a bit short of locations ideas. So I was thinking of drawing up a this is my list for now but I'd be doing it in any order...

The rules are I'm NOT paying for anything so it has to be FREE, nor I am travelling to pseudo-London. Yeah, understand that. It's like a little suburb claiming to be London when technically it's in a different county. I'm also not doing the really really common ones. 

So this is week 17 so I need another 35 locations to last me...oh think I rarely leave the house unless I have to, Anyway I've made a list below but if I find something more interesting, I'll do that. 

Most Possible List for Inspiration

As I said it probably won't be in this order, and I may find somewhere more interesting, since these are just tourist sightseeing areas. Then again I may get some inspiration for my writing.

  1. St. Paul’s Cathedral 
  2. Tower of London
  3. Tower Bridge
  4. The Tate Modern
  5. The British Museum
  6. The Sky Garden | The Walkie Talkie Building
  7. Tower Bridge
  8. V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum
  9. Tower of London
  10. Baker Street- Home of Sherlock Holmes
  11. Westminster Abbey
  12. The National Theatre
  13. Tate Modern and Tate Britain
  14. Leadenhall Market
  15. National Gallery
  16. Trafalgar Square
  17. Covent Garden 
  18. Hyde Park
  19. Camden Market
  20. Brixton Market
  21. Borough Market
  22. Broadway Market (Hackney)
  23. Saturday market hopping
  24. The Mall
  25. Old Spitalfields Market
  26. Brick Lane
  27. Hampstead Heath
  28. Primrose Hill
  29.  Borough Market
  30. Admiralty Arch
  31. Seven Dials
  32. Portobello Road Market
  33. Shakespeare’s Globe
  34. Somerset House
  35. Imperial War Museum
  36. The West End
  37. Fortnum & Mason
  38. Brick Lane
  39. Piccadilly Circus


Greenwich Royal Observatory
Notting Hill Carnival
Westminster Abbey


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