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Daily Writing Journal: Editing Update my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica.

This is editing day where I catch up on all my writing drama. It's how the daily blogging began until I found another project

Synopsis of Leyton & Angelica

I've got a few of these but decided this for today. Note the book is in 3rd person POV.

LEYTON THOMAS is one beautiful, fine-looking man. Simply irresistible but comes with warnings. I've had a one night stand with a parole thug, now I'm sleeping with a billionaire CEO.

I'm falling for him fast.

But I have secrets in my past that can destroyed this if it gets serious. Will destroy this.

Maybe I should just stay in my own lane and leave the past alone.

But it will mean losing Leyton....

Catch up on week three

Completing last week's lesson was challenging for many reasons - first it was tedious, second I had a lot on off-line and third I was trying to do the blog plan.

I realised I've missed out quite a few scenes, there are lots of jumps, and it's messy. I also made a big mistake with the assignments in the first half of  the lesson but that was because I was following the demo - which as of course perfect.

I hope the errors can be rectified at another stage or if they are really critical, however to go back over something in lesson three and lose momentum is not worth it. That is a risk I'm happy to take. Hopefully it won't come back to haunt me. Overall it was an interesting lesson but I'm not sure what the overall point was doing this. Anyway, I've to many more weeks to do.

This week's lesson - Plot is CHALLENGING

Here Holly Lisle's websites says
IN LESSON FOUR: You’ll discover how to triage your plot. Plot moves your characters through your story in an entertaining, surprising, and comprehensible fashion. Or at least is does when everything goes right.

So you'll learn to identify and diagnose:
Your primary plot,where it hangs together, where it blows apart...and WHY. Any secondary plots you've written, what they contribute (or don't)...and WHY. And any evil NotPlots you've put into your story that are sucking the life out of it...and WHY.
It sounds deceptively simple but I'm not so sure it will be easy to do. Simple isn't always easy. The material looks simple but also complicated at the same time, I guess what's plotting is all about.

Anyway, I'm committed to competing my novel by summer so I hit a publication, therefore I just need to put my head down and do what I'm told. After all, I'm paying for this course. I'm looking at a few important deadlines this week so I may not complete it on time. I'll try but it depends on other factors.

Till next sunday.


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