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#41 Daily Writing Journal -Cover Design Drama! Editing Update my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica, Late Summer publication date!

I'm about to begin lesson two where I need to discover according to Holly Lisle's website. Don't what to make of it but I'm working out the promises I've made. So yeah....
IN LESSON TWO: You’ll discover your promises.I’ll bet you didn’t realize you were making promises while you were telling your story, but from your very first word on your very first page, you started making them. And then you kept some. And you broke some.There are three kinds of promises in every book ever written.

They are:The promises ALL writers MUST make(and most writers usually break)... The promises you intended to make(though you probably didn’t think of them as promises)...And the promises you made by accident.
I'll let you know how it goes as I work through it. Slightly more complicated than last week but it will keep me busy.

Leyton & Angelica publication date

I'm looking at late summer. I'm pretty nervous because as a person, I don't tend to plan this far ahead in the short term or commit to things without having a sense of what's happening. Anyway I'm committing myself to at the latest a summer publication date. 

This leaves me time to plan some sort of marketing, think about covers and other things.

Cover Design Drama

I'm going to work on making it unique because someone lifted my cover design.

 My fault because I gave credit to the stock picture site EVEN THOUGH I BOUGHT IT so I didn't need to. So they bought the same image and used the same design concept.  It can be coincidental but I had concerns about using that particular stock picture because it was cheesy and unusual. So I ran it by the cover committee and they gave a yay. I knocked up my cover in about a day. This other cover was done by a professional but along the same lines of mine.

Not a big deal because I based my designs off others in the non-African American genre, so yeah, that's how it is.  But hey, I feel at least my cover was fine because I wasn't sure.  But since someone has lifted the concept, I'm feeling better about it.

That's just the issue with using stock pictures, anyway I decide with the lack of choice in African America stock pictures, I was going to try different designs so in one way it's annoying but totally validating in another.

Have a great week.

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