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Weelky Round up: Mini Shopping Haul - shoes and coat, ate too much meat, editing crisis but drawing goal is going well!!!

Films & Movies

I was late posting my film review of The Gospel According To Andre, that was more or less about the career of Andre Leon Talley but it seemed a little sad in the end, though. I don't know. Avengers End Game is all sold out and I made the mistake of telling someone I'd probably watch it on DVD. Wrong thing to do to a marvel fan - that is like an HUGE NO NO. But I'm not going to rush and watch it. I did for the last one with Sis and I found it boring, in fact the best actor was the baddie Thanos. Josh Brolin who acted as Thanos in the Avenger: Infinity War brought an empathy to the part the rest of the other actors lacked but I'm kinda over it unless I have to watch it. So don't watch this space. Maybe.


Nothing eventful apart from a jumper causing the traffic to be diverted. So basically the diversion would have taken probably the same amount of time to walk, so I walked. Jumper? Someone had decided they had had enough of this life, but luckily was talked out of it. Relief! So all good on that front. It was so stressful. The whole street was cordoned off. Then the next day there was another diversion so I ended up walking about a mile before I got the next bus.

Mini Shopping Haul  

I need to do more walking as now I just sit down for at least eight hour at work and only walk about ten-twenty minutes a day. Not enough. And yes, I have a gym membership but I go when I can. Also I needed proper arch support and the last pair I bought from Clarks I wrote about was rubbing against my heel, and my instep wasn't quite right.  So after foot pain for about two weeks, I decided ask advice for some good walking shoes and  a serious hiker suggested Merrells shoes. I also have flat pumps at work with little support so I decided to get some brogues - so that was my haul.

So the picture. In the upper left hand corner,  I'm wearing a purple job from Mountain-ware, this was on sale and I got an extra 20%.  This isn't for work pe se but just general wear, I don't have any slight spring/summer jackets that fit, so this is ideal. I bought a new light coat for work but wearing it all the time will make it look shabby after while.

Next, to the right is a pair of black Russel & Bromley brogues. These are just for work, I do have a pair of kitten heels  which I wear when I remember but I feel the impact of the heel. Also being a little heavier, I think flats are great.  They are classics, not on sale and therefore what I tend to consider an investment. They just look smart and my feet feel supported.

Finally are the pair of Merrells, these were on sale at Blacks - a UK outdoor shop. No excuse not to go walking anymore, well at least from my feet's point of view.

Too much meat 

I've eaten meat twice this week so I'm feeling a little heavy.  Mother is a vegetarian so I grew up eating mostly vegetarian meals though I do eat meat and poultry occasional. It's just this time, I've had two meat meals in a row which I rarely do. I had a 'home-made' burger from my work cafeteria - home made as in it was actually made in the kitchen rather than processed pre-cut burgers, then the day before then I had a beef burrito. All tasted fabulous but my system isn't used to it. It's the same with chicken, I can't eat too much at a time.

Editing Crisis

It is what it is. I'm going for a romance writer's conference next week so hopefully I'd get some advice on how to deal with this. I've outlined my options but it is what it is. 

Positive notes: Drawing plan is going well!

Yes! My drawings are improving so maybe I should just do the same with writing, apply the same method. 

These are the cats and then a fox and squirrel.  Yes, the plan is on target so I'm pleased with that.

It hasn't been easy but at least it's moving along. So very pleased. This is based on the How to Draw Anything book by Mark Linley, I'll do a review next week since it's going well.

So all's well that ends well....


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