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Daily Writing Journal: Week 10 of 52 weeks Mo Money Challenge - I'm feeling the heat...the stealth

Week 10 Money Drama

I'm feeling the heat of this challenge, it's not easy. I got my £10 out and bought something instead of coming straight to the tin.

So I suddenly realised why its so hard to accomplish even though it's deceptively simple. Save the number of the week and soon at the end of the year, you'll be cashed up. Sitting on the money box. The truth is that after the the single digits weeks, things become a little harder. I mean I started on week 7 and I'm feeling the heat

What makes it complicated?

Note I'm using my home currency of GBP or Pound Sterling but this applies to any currency using the decimal currency.

In the first week of single digits from £1 to £9 a total of £45 is saved. Now this the baseline savings.  The for the next ten weeks from 10 to 19 a total of £100 is saved plus the based rate of £45. Now this means getting £10 plus whatever number from 1-9 to put into the kitty - tin.

Now this is find until the challenge starts to approaches the 20s, 30s,40s and each of those weeks will have the additional baseline savings of £45. Personally, I think it's hard to maintain especially if one is on a lower income. It sounds simple but not.


Save a consistent amount periodically and regularly preferably when your salary or wages or pay cheque/check hits the bank. So if you are paid monthly do it monthly - don't do it weekly unless you have budgeted, or your account can take the hit. If you are paid fortnightly, or a week in arrears, make the savings every two weeks, and if paid weekly do it weekly.

How much to save?

Maybe 10% of your regular income but generally just save what you afford, don't set yourself up for failure.

My lesson & takeaway

Don't jump on blog challenges without thinking it through. Unless you are really up for a tedious and messy chanllenge and can afford it, I'd suggest sit down with your finances, and see what exactly you can save, this may even consist of cutting out treats - looking at caffeine and nicotine fixes. Mine is really eating out, I rarely cook so if I cooked I could make a saving on that.


I'll continue and see what happens.


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