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Daily Writing Journal: Mo Money Challenge £9 on the first of March

I made it into MARCH!! How cool is that!

Okay, it's like my third week of saving but this is sooooo exciting. £9 isn't breaking the bank but still I feel so good about it!

So for the third week, I went with a fiver - that is a five pound note, four 50 pence pieces and two one pound counts. This is my £9!!!

I also did a little stylising on the money part. Something different, so the it leans against the money tin.

To be honest saving is boring. How can anyone make this exciting...HOW! Should I do forfeits in order to save. Let me know....

Anyway it goes into the tin. Now there is  quite a nice collection of coins and a paper note. I'm thinking for next week a clean tenner would do. Just a fifty out of the ATM - cash machine, maybe I can blog about that. Only kidding.

 Are you saving? Is it automated into your account?


I'm going to bank when the tin is full, and right now there is room for a lot more coins and notes. 


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