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Still reading Pretend You're Mine, reading gossip magazines, borrowed new books from library.


Didn't get round to writing this up. So had work, colleague's birthday which meant cake day. It was a planned cake day so okay. After work went the library to do some work.

Today - Morning

Got the bus, and still reading Pretend You're Mine.  Is it good? Bad? Well, that is hard one. Its entertaining and good to pass the time on my daily commute. It's much better than reading horrible news items. Lucy Score is a good writer, not too sure about her premise but it's entertaining in such a way I'm laughing at the characters. A large of amount of disbelief needs to be suspended however it's good fun. There are parts that are so ridiculous that I had to roll my eyes, but hey I'm still reading. I'm on chapter ten and it's about sixty or something. I reckon about 90k words.

It's about a woman who arrives in a small town and shacks up with a man. Literally shacks up. Sharing the same bed shacks up. Ya'll need to read it. Caution this is based on the entertainment factor rather than romance. It's a bit weird since now I'm in chapter nine the man wants to sleep with her and is using curse words. I was a bit taken aback because it's being relatively clean up to now. Still. I'm reading it.

It's the ideal novel for a mobile device on the commute. As soon as it's over, I forget about it until the next day. However it's pleasant enough. Why is it ridiculous? People, you need to read it to find out why. Seriously. Okay - two strangers sharing a bed and still behave as if ...I don' know, words escape me. It's Lucy Score's talent. Buy it and figure it out. If I do leave a review I'd have to give it four-five stars merely because part of it is so silly-funny.

So that kept me busy on the bus and train.


Ate my cooked lunch, but I left early to go to see the dentist. I dislike going to dentists.  Saying that my dentist is excellent. However nothing to fear because  I got a clean bill of heath! More flossing and stuff but just basic stuff. It's all good. I had a root canal a few years ago and after that I've developed an irrational fear of dentists and teeth - which doesn't help.

Since I'm on a weight loss thing, I bought a magazine instead of cake, so now I'm reading about why Tom Cruise hasn't allegedly seen his daughter in two years. Gwyneth Patlrow and Chris Martin apparently are now  allegedly behaving like normal acrimonious couples divorcing. Now with Jennifer Aniston safely married the gossips mags can't write about the famous Brad-Angelina-Jennifer triangle.  Kanye and Kim drama etc....

The new Pirelli calendar with real women. Well it's still kinda barely clad women, with legs or breasts on show. Still men buying it to jerk or wank off to. Please, stop with the women's lib and feminist PR.  Also some chicks saying their picture has no air brushing. As if. It's part of the printing process, so is the soft focus. I'm tired of all this BS. Whatever. Not getting into it. All I'm saying is enjoy the shoot but don't make it into something it's not.

Anyway now instead of buying cakes and sweets, I get magazines.

Early evening.

Got two books out of the library. A collection of stories by Alice Munro and another novel called Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay by Elena Ferrrante. Still reading Lucy Score's novel but that is strictly commute material.  However I'm getting a lot further than I did with the Gold Finch by Donna Tart.

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