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Goals - one thing at a time - weekly or less frequent blog. Yoga was HARD! Still on track with eating plan,

Despites all my good words, I am slipping back into old bad habits and overloading myself with things to do. Distractions. Everything is important. So I've decided to get tough with myself and focus on my major goal. The one that will be most beneficial to me and a causality of that will be writing this blog daily or near daily.

So I'm going to be focusing on my major goal and push myself to focus and I think all the other activities, and I mean a lot are diluting from the process. This means getting rid of non-value adding activities. Oh dear, I sound rather corporate.

My week so far.

If Pilate nearly killed me, then in Yoga was the firing line. OMG! What is it with these gym classes being so dynamic! When I mean dynamic I mean break-into-a-sweat dynamic. I'd never hadn't had such a difficult class - obviously I was the largest. Okay - let's go fat-shaming- don't you just love that word? I was the fattest by a long stretch. And the unfittest. My body was out of syn. Out of balance. For the first half the classes I was swearing and cursing under my breath - effing and blinding. However unlike Pilates after a while I settled in and was able to do some of the poses but not the jumping things nor the balancing acts.

I think with gym classes if people don't sweat they don't think they're had a good workout. It seems sweating is the be all and end all of gym classes. I must confess the easiest so far was the aqua-aerobics. Yoga I'll still go to since I'd done it on and off for the last ten years and I pretty much know the poses or the gentler versions of them. But the Pilates is way too advanced for me. I'd have to go to a school or something since the class is too mixed ability. Something to think about.

Looking forwarding to my Christmas party tomorrow as I've managed to navigate myself away from sweets, cakes and all that stuff. I'm saving my appetite for the that. Then I'm baking.

Weight loss or The Art Of Getting My Cuteness Back.

Still on track. I'm using the weight watchers way of when I was a member. The Filling and Healthy way, the have probably changed it. However since I kept on dropping out since I had so much to lose I decided to make it fun - the actual process - into little mini goals. Check out one of my old blog posts on my new mini-goal rather than achieving a big goal. I'm giving myself points.

1 point for overcoming a physical obstacle.

That's like the baked goods counter at shop. I'm looking at Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencers. For some reason I'm not too bothered about Waitrose's baked products. Mainly I'm not too fussed about iced baked products or cheesecakes. Whereas the other have more sponge or bread based products.

There is also the office kitchen with is lethal to diets at this time of year with chocolates, cakes and mince pies. And the restaurant with it's lovely homemade cakes, and cafe with nice nice yummy cakes. Yeah, my life is an obstacle course with it comes to cakes.

The special offer breakfast cereals by shops. In particular Crunchy Cornflakes or the oatmeal based one with nuts, cheerios and stuff.

The cakes samples laid out by shops - Lola Cupcakes. I fell for that and only remembered my eating plan when I'd gobbled it down. So I get one point each time I manage to avoid the urge, also a massive 'Well done me! You rock!' and a note of honour in my accomplishment journal/diary'.

2 points for overcoming emotional obstacles or urges or boredom.

This is harder and therefore I get more points. I was thinking three points actually. Here is when I getting the feeling, a strong urge, that I need to eat something sweet, and I buy things on impulse or when I'm bored. Normally sweet breakfast cereals fall under this, ice creams or sweet breads. I might pass through a shop or area and go inside just to get my 'favourite' product. Doesn't always have to be sweet like I love Tortilla flat breads. I just love the texture and snack on them with no filling. Then the breads from Marks & Spencer. The rye breads with pecan nuts and raisins. I love fruity breads.

5 points for attending an exercise class. So I've done three so far. Whew! Don't ask if I shall rebook but I get five points for each one.

3 points for every pound I lose.

I lose 5 point for giving into the physical or emotional urges. So minus 5 and I lose 10 points if I miss a gym class. So if I book one and miss it I get docked a tenner.

What do I use the points for? Not sure yet but it feels good to get points, and just a way of recognising the effort I'm putting into these things. Right now, one of my dilemmas is how to reward myself for losing points. Normally I reward myself with food - like a cake, chocolate or something but that defeats the points. I'm not too into clothes, at present I've being buying books. But I need something nice.

Overall it's been tough and expensive, namely because instead of buying cakes when I get the urges I've bought fruit. Luxury fruit - so cherries and mangoes (luxury as they are imports). However I'm getting a handle of that. Also I have the habit of when I shopping I get a little something sweet however now I'm focusing more on fruit.

Also magazines. I've bought gossip magazines when I got bored instead of a snack. Lots of outrageous clearly misleading headlines but it's better than stuffing my mouth.

I'm still reading Pretend You're Mine by Lucy Score. Very graphic sex scenes. Extremely graphic - I know the cover picture gave a hint but due the clean and sweet nature of the writing it was unexpected. I must confess at times I just flick through. One was a few chapters long so I just flicked through, and happily covered much ground in a few seconds. Don't get me wrong, she writes good sex scenes its just I'd rather read about the characters then them having sex. It gets raw and dirty in one chapter that even I raised an eyebrow. Really! So if you like hot sex scenes that is book for you. Sex scenes seems the crowning glory of indie romance writers.

I'm half way through the book and I have a feeling she is paving the way for a series. There is so much focus on some secondary characters getting together than have little to do with the main book. So if those don't get together by end I think another book. So far it's had mixed reviews however I'm still halfway through so I can't comment yet. I think perhaps the blurb could have been better written to indicate the highly graphic nature of sex - but I reckon the book cover hints at that.

However an entertaining but damning review is from AshleighJo on goodreads. She goes in on this book like a sledge hammer. It contains a few spoilers so I'll have to see if I agree with her. What makes it funny is that she had to get all those pictures in.

So far I do think the hero is a bit of jerk and manipulative, on the other hand she's made the heroine a bit desperate - this is just the set up. But then you can say that about a number of books of this nature. So maybe it's more an erotic romance about damaged characters than what it's been marketed as, since the hero is in the same view as Sylvia Day's Gedion in Bare To Me, or EL James Christian Fifty Shades of Grey.

Anyway when I finish if it's worth a review I'll leave one. If not, I'll delete it off my kindle and go on to the next. I've bought her second book on impulsive so will see what that reads likes.

So summary is going to be doing less posts until my major goal is completed, hope to keep on my eating plan and enjoying the book I'm reading.


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