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Lost Four Pounds! Attended Pilates! Watched Patricia Bright

On Friday my boss got bored of me talking about my eating plan and how I only used my gym for the spa facilities, so let's just say I forced to put my money where my mouth was and ended up booking five exercise sessions. Yes, hard to believe I've been with my gym for over a year and have NEVER ATTENDED A GYM CLASS. Mainly, because I like the spa and thing food reduction is the way to lose weight also just thinking of exercise exhausts me.

I needed to book them via the website but having never done it, my password failed so I rang, in front of my boss, the gym to book it. Proof. They are mainly low impact classes so nothing too strenuous or so I thought.

Come Saturday, I'm down the gym for my pilates class with all these fit, slim and trendy people. It's a 9AM class so basically like a work day for me. I thought pilates was gentle. Not. I say this having done it for about three years in a dance school - yeah I was once about twenty pounds or ten kilos lighter - and the movements were simple. This was dynamic and I worked up a sweat. There were a number of things or most things I couldn't do. Namely the plank. Really? Let's just say I was talking breathers and breaks for most of it. It was a mixed abilities class so I really lagged behind. I might have to find something else.

I weighed myself before the class and found I'd lost about four pounds from my boring eating plan. I nearly bought a piece of lush carrot cake to celebrate but the cafe was closed so I made do with cherries. The reason why diets are so expensive is because fruit is. Also got some mangoes and yes, I'm having avocados, I don't subscribe to the whole avocado is fat and shouldn’t be eaten when on an eating plan. I still eat it.

After than workout, showered and hit shopping. Did a semi week's shop, and I'll need to cook otherwise it will be jacket potato and I can't face that again. So a large curry. Also Team Christmas lunch is this week.


Nothing much, slept. Yes, that's now how much the pilates tired me out. I went back to bed. Then got up, did some grammar work so I'd have a better handle on my editing. Then I watched Patricia Bright on Youtube. She's sweet, cheerful and watchable. I watch her from time to time. I think I got a catch up email from youtube. A long time ago, during my reality show addiction, I used to watch all the reviews. However she was talking about her cosmetic surgery and expecting - and keeping it private.

I understand because now YouTube is Patrica's job, and not a hobby. She's also blown up as in become increasing popular and successful so now she's a media personality (YouTube and beyond) and therefore is always under public (Youtube and others) scrutiny therefore she needs a private life. She needs to keep clear boundaries between her work and private life.

Comestic surgery is so popular, however I think because she is a YouTube blogger and therefore in the public eye, doing close-up video, after video she noticed it more. She probably always wanted a bigger chest however the nature of her work made it more apparent to her, so she decided to do it. As for expecting - its private. At work sometimes you only know when the person is showing.

Patricia is a hard worker who puts lots of effort and dedication into what she does. Right now she's launching her own hairline, which had been in the pipeline for a while. She's alway been business minded and an entrepreneur at heart so this isn't just out of the blue.

Anyway after that I went to library to try and finish up a segment of the write. It's still going out but I'm also thinking about how to edit or rewrite my books - hence where learning grammar comes in.

Grammar is about clarity. Clarity - depending on what the writer wants, is key to understanding. Normally I use patterns but I want a little more flexibility in writing. Also it helps unders patterns. I guess I also want to be different. Everyone is using the same constructs since they are in the public domain. There are a lots of cheat sheets out there with patterns or words and I want to be a little different. I'm not going to be a grammarian, gosh my previous boss went to Cambridge and studied Linguistics - he must have had a hard time reading my emails. Then again he was a patient dude, however he did once say he had little tolerance for poorly written job applications and CV. Let not even talk about split infinitives.


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