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#27 Daily Writing Journa Flash fiction: Womb-Shaming: She Felt Like a Horrible Woman for Not Wanting Children

Photo by NIKOLAY OSMACHKO from Pexels

A woman was once was shamed, humiliated and insulted because she did not want children. She was called all sorts of names and some even branded her unnatural. How could a woman not want children?

She tired to explain her reasons - she didn't think she could take care of them, give them the attention they needed. She didn't think could be a good mother. All this fell on deaf ears and she was branded selfish. Did she not want to give her parents grandchildren? Did she not want to continue her family line? Finally did she not love her husband enough to give him children?

Defeated and sadden she broke down. She had told her husband before they married she did not want children but under pressure she broke.

The pregnancy was simple. It was easy though she hated herself and her body. The baby kicked and she tried to comfort herself.

Premature contractions started it was going to be early. A rush to an emergency room and she gave birth.

Now all that reminds now is a headstone with the inscription of  beloved mother and child. In the corner of the cemetery under the tree is a widower who silently weeps.

The end


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