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#22 Daily Writing Journal - Annoying Internet Marketing - Fool and Money are soon parted, Urban Lit African American romance - Angelica and Leyton Synopsis but more on the dentist.


Let's talk about writing. I've finally managed write a short story for Angelia and Leyton. This story will explain there reason why Leyton is in the situation he is.  Maybe a few spoilers? Note sure. However the rough draft and outline is written and ready. I need to do the same for other stories. 

Annoying Internet Marketing Person

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There is an annoying internet marketing brat who keeps on appearing on all my social media ads - gosh that is all youtube feed me. I'd like some variation. You know because I've been researching marketing for my novel. You know the kind of internet marketeers that promise stupid returns if you do a course with them for a stupid amount of money, they will reveal all the secrets to facebook and youtube ads - maybe, I guess there is always a hand full of people who will be successful.

However his company accounts returns doesn't reveal he does as well as he lets on. Yes, he is likely to get a good accountant so he can have all the deductibles within a financial year but his claims don't add up to his returns. Of course you need to take his sales pitch and is company returns with a BIG PINCH OF SALT.

Urban Lit African American romance: Angelica and Leyton Synopsis 
ANGELICA AND LEYTON start off a relationship-with-benefits. Not friendships because they hardly know each other. Both are single and free, so why not?

The relationship turns when LEYTON's feelings turn deeper but ANGELICA has secrets in her past she cannot tell him. Why can't they just enjoy the relationship-with-benefits  as it is?

Now it's all out in the open, can Leyton see past beyond the past to accept and love ANGELICA as she really is?


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