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#19 Daily Writing Journal - Sharing my pain with you: - Dentist outcome! Dental Treatment is Expensive. Urban Lit African American romance Synopsis

Let's start with  Synopsis time before I start getting into my feelings about thing.

Urban Lit African American Romance Synopsis time 

The last time ANGELICA went to a club, she was love in, loved and feeling on top of world. Full of dreams - the best and most fun nights she'd ever had

Now as after a bad relationship and a horrible family bust-up, ANGELICA is reluctantly dragged on a night  to a popular club night by her well-meaning friends.  It becomes a night to remember when she lets more than her hair down with a fine-looking thug on parole. Hot. Passionate. A night to remember.

Worlds collide when she meets billionaire CEO LEYTON THOMAS, sparks fly and they have whirlpool fling. Suddenly feelings get deeper, and become to turning into a perfect fairy with a handsome fine-looking rich prince. But  ANGELICA hides a devastating secret from the past, one that can destroy their relationship even before it's started.

Can she let go of her secret and believe Leyton will love her for herself? 

 Dentist outcome! Dental Treatment is Expensive!

Every time I sit in the dentist's chair, i just hear the cash register and a feel a hole being drilled into my pocket, a drain. My bad, my fault for not taking care of my teeth. Look after your teeth, they are expensive to fix. It's cheaper to look after your teeth. 

I need to get another crowned and believe me, I feel I'm working just for dental treatment.  So dentist did the normal dental tests  - thankfully ruled out a root canal with would have been more expensive and PAINFUL -and had a chat with me outlining the options. 

Types of Dental Crowns 

There are four different types of dental crowns.
Ceramic — These are used for restoring front teeth, and are popular in this area for their ability to blend with your natural tooth color. The crown is made of a porcelain-based material. 
Porcelain-fused to metal – This crown provides a stronger bond than regular porcelain because it is connected to a metal structure. It's also extremely durable. 
Gold alloys – This crown is a mix of gold, copper and other metals. In addition to providing a strong bond to the tooth, it doesn't fracture, nor does it wear away the tooth itself. 
Base metal alloys – This crown is made up of non-noble metals that are highly resistant to corrosion, and make for a very strong crown. It also requires the least amount of healthy tooth to be removed prior to fitting.

Yes,  I live in the UK and we have the NHS (National Heath Service). The issue is that most dentists mix and match their treatments with private and NHS prices. Also NHS tends to unclear on what is provided. Basically the crown treatment is £250 on the NHS, but then comes the crown materials. Stainless steel is the most inexpensive but it seems it may be more temporary for an adult then an upward sliding scale to gold. LOOK AFTER YOUR TEETH!


Busy at the moment with work and life. I might have to cancel some travel plans. Even practice writing isn't going as well. Ok well. I need to suck up, buttercup, not be a snowflake. Mindset is all that matters. Do you really believe in the whole mindset culture? The whole snowflake culture? I don't, but it's fun to use.

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing all of these wonderful details here. I also would be getting the treatment from dentist Manhattan Beach for fixing dental aesthetics. I was not pleased with the front two teeth but after getting my treatment from him, everything has changed for all the good reasons!

  2. I'm glad it's working out. Mine took time to settle.


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