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Real Life: Pre-teen puts on full face of makeup, plus update on man situation and other stuff.

Hey Everyone!

I'm a bit of roll today so just take my post in your stride. Went out to the gym, had luck with Fab Mama, and went back home. Thinking of what to do for the rest of the evening, so I decided a blog post. Yay!

Pre-teen and makeup. 

I just saw the most awful thing today. An eleven year old (or under - definitely not a teen!)  in my family gym putting on a full face of makeup. She was using that stupid Zoella range and some other silly pocket school stuff. Are you kidding me!! I watched frozen with horror as this young child put on primer, foundation then concealer. HER SKIN IS TOO YOUNG FOR THAT RUBBISH!!! SHE HAD SPOTS!!! WHICH PRE-PUBERTY KID HAS SPOTS???!!!


Kids are under so much pressure! Blooding bloggers becoming millionaires - preying on innocent kids. SOD OFF! That stufff is just fucking up her skin! I know because at seventeen a friend started using a certain facial cream for mature women thinking it was cool, only to break out in heavy spots, and doctor said her skin was too young for the cream so she was over nourishing it. All this stuff has chemicals and should be used on young skin. She's messing up her skin, and will break out in heavy acne, which will force her to think she needs more of this disgustingness!!All she really needed was some light loose powder.

Please, please and heavenly please - if you have young daughters get educated about cosmetics so don't they mess up their skin or have issues about their appearances - using this stuff for dress up fun or special occasions or a  treat is one thing, using it as if it's a normal daily routine is another! Not for babies!

The man and my business. 

So I did have that chat, and no I chickened out and didn't ask him out for a drink. Various reasons but it just didn't seem the right time. It was on the whirling round in my mind as we spoke about a few things but just somehow I didn't do it. And it go me thinking that asking would have left me exposed and vulnerable. I could have just asked out of the blue but I just didn't have nerve. So I came home feeling rather defeatist but the some one I've know for a while rang me.

Yeah, cool dude called me just to chat. We had been introduced in a typical millennial generation way, via someone we mutually know. So being texting on and off for a while. Anyway out of the blue he rang me and we had a nice conversation. So I'm a happy bunny. I reckon perhaps I had unrealistic expectations, because to be honest I'm a traditional 'hunter-gatherer' kind of person when it comes all things men. I do expect them to take the lead if I've dropped enough hints, so it's quite discouraging   then again he probably saw them and didn't take bait  cause he wasn't interested. No loss anyways. Not even a battered ego since technically I wasn't said no to....oh dear. Will up date as things go along.

Other things beauty and the beast

I was thinking of going to watch Emma 'The feminist who gets her tits out' Watson in Beauty and Beast. It looks a bit naff but seems the best film out there in comparison to others. Easy watching. Beauty and beast is a bit disgusting if you think about it. Encourages and has all sorts of dark undertone and  themes, under that sleek glitzy exterior. As a kid, one is pretty excited, as an adult, it's a fucking weird story. A young girl is sold by her father to some half bull, lion type creature who locks her away. Induced by dark magic she sees his inner self and falls with him. Village people ain't happy. Let's put in in modern terms, it's a case of Stockholm syndrome. So will probably get it on DVD, since not keen on watching the Emma 'The feminist who gets her tits out' Watson acting out Stockholm syndrome, fairy tale or no fairy tale -that shit this too weird in this day and age. I'll wait for the cheap DVD or TV.

What do you think of my new blog layout? There are quite a few new themes so I'm going to be testing them out!

Have a good one!



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