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Feminine hygiene product care review

Yes, I doing my first review. Normally I'm queasy at the mention of any bodily fluids and I find it icky, even the word period makes me cringe but as I said I'm going to be reviewing stuff. This is the latest new stuff.

Feminine hygiene are a very personal choice

I only started using tampons a few years ago. When I first tried them a long time ago, I found them very uncomfortable and reverted back to using towels. However now I just whatever, and over the last few used have used them regularly.

The choice is very personal because I had an auntie who only used toilet roll. That was what she was comfortable with. She hated pads, towels or tampons and just rolled with her tissue paper. There is a technique she used to make it in a pad but that was her choice.

I also know people who would never use a pad or on the other hand a tampon. I use whatever I have at hand but for daytime I'd much rather use a tampon.

The New Tampax Compak Pearl

I didn't read the instructions thinking it would be like the normal Compak range so wasted one. So always read the instructions on how these new applicators work. Yuck. Pretty messy,  quick wash of hands then after reading the instructions I tried again.

Now this applicator works differently, yeah detail, read the instructions and you'll find you need to pull it out for the click.  The other compak range was pushing it until the click.

Detail again - when I discovered the how to use it, the application was very smooth but because of the other compak I was waiting to for click at the end which never came. So I wasn't sure but after I got used to it, it's find.

It absorbs in a different way and I'm not sold on that. So I guess it really depends on how you are built down there. Oh gosh, I can write explicit sex scenes but can't say the word. Oh...depends on the structure of your vagina.

So for me insertion was fine but taking it out was a wee bit uncomfortable because of how it absorbed. I much preferred the other compak and cheaper cardboard range.

Difference between all.

I don't mind the cardboard but at time it can get slippery with a few false tries. A friend of mine only used non-applicator lil-lets right from teen days. She wasn't into all this applicators business. I've never tried them, mostly because I get iky about all this and it would probably take a few tries.

Bedtime & towels/pad

For me that's strictly towels, I have never worn a tampon to bed. Regarding which towel,  again I'll probably say if you have a choice it also depends on the way you are built. I'm very brand loyal in this. I'm strictly body form person from college days. During my fresher week in college they gave a free sample and I've never turned back. Before then as a teen I used cheaper shop brands but no leaks with Body form. Then I tried Always brand but found it very messy. Then again my Lil-let friend swore by them. So I guess it's looking for the right brand for you.

So I stick to Bodyform & Tampax regardless of whether the others are on promotion. I just can't deal with messiness if they don't fit right.

Issues on the environment

I do feel the environmental impact on wastage because the applicators are all plastic, paper etc. There is the mooncup with has been around for a few years but not sure. If I do brave up, I'll do a review.

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