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Show Me Your Desk: Water bottle from health retreat, organic coconut oil, money jar.

So not much today. My folder of writing notes, but I took time out for some drawings. I have a lot of paper around the place that I use for scrape. 

pretty much the same, my jar of organic coconut oil, which has surprisingly being a good moisturiser. However I need to get back to cocoa butter soon. Next to the coconut oil is my water bottle from a health retreat called Amchara Health Retreat. It was in a Somerset stately home, I have pictures. 
Sis treated me too, and she booked one of the best rooms for me. It was a lovely four poster bed. The nights were completely dark due to no light pollution so it took some time for me to get used to.

You can see my cabin case on the floor, to the right of the desk.  It was about detoxing and I did lose a few pounds and learnt a lot about healthy eating. 

 Not to digress any further, and back to my desk, next to the water bottle is my packet of Kleenex tissues, then the money pot. Yes, the famous money pot. I've reached the thirties now so it's getting harder.  To the right of the money jar is my pair of glasses and eyeliner and my day face cream.


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