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Decluttering Me! Discovering the Marie Kondo way to declutter PART 2

Decluttered drawers
My after declutter drawers

Before and after declutter
before and after declutter

Hello everyone,

how are you? So I'm still on the Marie Kondo decluttering mission and decided to do everything. Well I still have a trunk to empty. It's been an emotional journey in terms of who I was, who I was planning to be and where I turned up.

I've only put up images of my tidy because I thought someone may like to see evidence, instead of a nice looking Instagram or stock picture. Something to show I'm a real person. By the way, this is a set of drawers from John Lewis. I've forgotten the set's name. Anyway way, moving on.

This was the original state of my drawers, some of the clothes have been donated so it's a different set.

cluttered and jumbled drawers
Cluttered and jumbled drawers
Sorting my clothes is telling a narrative of my life. It's quite grey at the moment. But some things were easy to get rid. Nice clothes - even with tags one -  but I never felt them. I have a lovely beaded skirt which I'll offer to my sister (provided she wears it). I bought it because nothing in my closet fitted me and I needed to go somewhere. Its a nice cut both from Costa.. Size 14 so US 12. Just not me.

There is also the narrative of my weight gain. This can be seen in matching set colourful lingerie to the totalitarian blacks and greys I wear today. The lingerie I bought while in relationships and the ones when I was single.

I'm 'breaking' the rules in that I'm keeping something. But there is the a question of whom I've become rather than who I wanted to be. Also what is my vision now? What am I thinking?

I've listened to the audio book and that was cool.  I've done it in away that was convenient to me, so I can see I've gone wrong. Though I started in categories, I also started in places not good. The reason is now I'm finding places to put all my clothes together where as if I'd done it in gone go, then I'd probably have sorted it out.

I've donated (well put in the charity clothing bin) about two bags of clothes

My current category

  • tops- teeshirt
  • blouses - work
  • knitwear
  • skirts
  • trousers/pants
  • dresses
  • nightwear
  • gym wear
  • swimming gear
  • lingerie
  • coats
  • suits

Right now I'm focusing on decluttering. I have a ton of stuff of to do. So I might update you soon!

Have a great weekend.

Anna xxx

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