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Hectic work shedule, Internet Detox due to FOMO and staggering my goal setting

Happy New Year again!!!

Internet Detox and Rationing

I've being off because I realised I was spending too much time online, mostly hanging out on the writing forums at Scribophile (a brilliant writer's critiquing website with an addictive forum) and general surfing. I was also developing a serious case of the FOMO - the Fear Of Missing Out in Social Media. This often happens when I get tired, I just end up surfing or reading lost of posts.

This is defined by Wiki -  Fear of missing out or FoMO is "a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent". This social angst is characterized by "a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing".
So I tried to ration my internet time but didn't work, eventually I decided the best way was to give Momma AG my router to keep and only have it on weekends to ween myself off the internet. I still have access at work, public libraries and etc but essentially I'm too busy at work unless it's for working purposes.

As a result, I've been less tired and more focused. I'm still paying for my broadband since I use it at weekends and it's not that much money.

Goals and staggering

Let's be candid about my goals, below are my main goals for this year. I have a few others but I'll use these ones.

  1. Lose weight - at least two stones (28lbs or 12kg)  this year
  2. Become an associate in my profession
  3. Publish a short story
  4. Complete two course-related writing projects
  5. Good me time.
This year I've decided to stagger my goals so I can focus on one at a time, apart from the weight loss one. This is so I don't act under pressure and end up not doing anything at all. Fairly common, since I tend to do so many things at a time that very progress is very slow. So this year I'm queuing all my goals into quarters or scheduling real definite time to do them.

Yeah, I'm SMARTing them. Specific, Measurable, Realistic/Attainable Time-bound.

Weight Loss 

Ongoing but results by quarters.

I'm now attending weight watchers hoping to lose a few pounds. I did the 5.2 where I lost about 2kg and on Weight watchers I've lost about 3lb not much but it's long term. I'm also very busy at work so that makes me tired and I grab at anything in reach. Weight loss is about planning meals - something I'm not very good at, but I'm getting there.

I had a few danger points when my work restaurant ran out of baked jacket potatoes and I had to substitute. So I may put on a few pounds however working long hours and losing weight don't go together. Let's just say it's going to be a challenge but I'm up for it. If I lose 10 Ibs in eight weeks I get back my money but things aren't looking good.

However aiming to lose 7lbs  or 3kg every quarter is very possible. It's looking at the long term instead of short results.

They tend to say 2lb a week but that's not me. Not even 1lb a week. I need to be realistic and honest about this. Like with everyone some weeks are better than others so my goal is not a low threshold but rather something which I can think. Okay that is possible. I can do this.

Become a Professional Associate 

Date completion - 31st March 2016

I'm still doing my professional write up to become an associate. Yes. It's simply because I don't have the time, even with internet rationing (which means I'm less tired.) Work is super busy and I have other things on the go.

I've been told this is very easy and simple. Well, not to me. It's challenging and hard. And despite many attempts even going for a workshop I'm still at a loss. However I looked at the situation and thought hard.

I was allocating time in the evening when I was tired from work. Or early morning when I was rushing to work. So both times I couldn't focus. So I decided to look back at when I had taken my exams etc., and what was the deciding factor.  TIME! The thing is if you take a work sponsored PhD in some organisations you are given a whole day off. Yes, four days work and one day PhD.

What about weekends? Dudes, I have chores I need to run, and things to do. Also because it is about work it would feel like I had no break at all. It's challenging.

Now I have to write up three years worth of work experience in a report and knowing myself - since we are all different - I found I  just couldn't knuckle down and do it. So as a result I took a day off work as holiday. That made such a difference, as I was able to dedicate a whole block of time to developing a framework. And going forward I shall be taking off more holiday time to complete this and other projects.

 So this quarter I'm working on completing my professional experience report.

Publish Short Story 

Completion - end of  year Dec 16

, once that is done and dusted I can look at my career however for the second quarter, I'm attending two writing workshops with a view to writing for magazine publication.

I was tempted to go for the twist one but I thought to attend the first session and see if I liked it, then book for the twist story. I've also booked for the serial since I thought I could apply the skills to self-publishing. It's also presented by a different writers. And best of all, it's a day out in London.

Other writing projects course

Complete in second and third quarter

I also have two long term writing projects I need to complete in the second and third quarter otherwise the time expires.

Me time

The most difficult so I'm working one summer vacation, going to the gym spa and other things. Maybe I should do one me-time thing a week. Either going to a movie, the gym spa facilities or socialising. Some say mediation and stuff. This is the most chanlegging since we tend to put others before ourselves so I need to work on this.


Staggering my goals means I don't feel under pressure and can actually just focus on one thing at a time. The most important which is the professional report, and the reason is it's important is the emotional weight it carries since it's about my livelihood and is REAL. This is now I make my money, my trade and my profession. It's taken me a while because it's theoretical and can be tedious and boring but also because things are just so busy. And when they aren't busy, I'm winding down and having time out. But as I said, I booked time off work to do this.

The writing is where my heart is and conflicts with time for professional report. However I saw I was diluting time doing both and only getting nowhere. Still I've booked time off work to go for the workshops and hopefully make my money back if I get published. If not, just the fun of going out and meeting others writers will be cool.

For now 

Work is super hectic with lots of changes. I'm also having an interim audit next week so that should be fun. Long hours people, long hours. Then again, I enjoy my job and where I work so that makes a difference.

So I guess that's what keeping occupied at present, dealing with my workload at work, trying to workout how to achieved my goals and losing weight.

I don't have any blog time scheduled but I guess from time to time I can write an update time permitting to see how far I've come or any challenges involved along the way.

Last year I managed to achieve most of what I'd planned. There is still progress to be made, probably not putting too much on, and having time to breath.

It will be interesting...


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