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Boxing Day Sales Haul - House of Fraser, Debehams and Oxford Street in general.

Boxing day sales haul!

So got out of the house early to check out the WestEnd sales. The Beautiful One wasn’t impressed with her gift so I had to get her something else – which I did in the sales. And no, I didn’t return the orginal gift – Momma AG got that.

The celebrate passing my exams I got myself a Mulberry purse. I’ve had a Muimui one which I’d been using disgracefully for the last five years. It’s in a pretty bad condition but a battered Muimui is still a Muimui.

However I thought it was time due an upgrade. At first I was thinking of getting a Smythson one but didn’t get round to going to Bond Street.

A bit of a funny story.  I went there, and there is a bit of snobbery here, basically because these sales assistants, normally the inexperienced ones, like to weigh up people. They lose a sale. So the first stop Debehams browsing in the make up department. I went to some new range called Black Up and on the other side was Fashion Fair. Did these sales assistant offer services? Nope, all I got was the cold eye. It was hostile, which was good because I went for what I wanted. Straight to the jewellery section where I got the Beautiful One her new present, then some ear-rings. Then I went to Clarins where the assistants were good.  I knew what I wanted however I also bought some make-up.  So I spent about £125 on their till –I also got some freebies as you do.

Next was Mulberry in House of Fraser. A bit of the same attitude but not as bad as the girls at Fashion Fair and Black Up.  Ya’ll need to understand not everyone dresses up for shopping. However I just ignored it and asked to see various models of a purse.  Then they got I was serious about buying one.

Anyway there was a demanding customer. It was all about the bag. Apparently they tie ribbons round the bags and she wasn’t happy she wasn’t getting the grey one. Oh, yeah, shit is that basic. She made such a big deal about the packaging. I guess given the size of the bag she was probably paying anything over £700.

At first the assistant bought out a blue one, and after tying it, the customer demanded another so then the assistant got out the gold one.  They told her there wasn’t the gray one in that size. They have some kind of policy it seems as what packaging goes with sale and non sale items. 

Anyway the good thing is that experienced sales assistant can smell a sale.  They know if a customer is a time waster or serious. I’ve seen a lot of poshly dressed time wasters. I collect designer handbags – some on sale, others like my Louis Vuitton was full price – that was a present to myself, much like this one to myself.

Anyway I decided I needed to invest in a day and night cream from the Clarins range. I used to used this stuff a long time ago but stopped over the last few years, however my skin shows it so I’m going back to it. It’s expensive but for me, it’s tried and tested.

 I once worked in a different country with a harsh climate for a few months and at some point my skin became unrecognisable so I found myself down t the cosmetic counter in departmental store buying this stuff. Within a few weeks my skin was back to normal. I was religious about applying the night and day cream. However I came back home and after a few years I fell back to using old Olay, Nivea and stuff. However I think it’s back to basic.

So that was my boxing day. Spending money in the British economy.


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