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Breaking News: BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! 5 Things I spend my money on, No update on faber courses, Knee Pain

Yes, I'm back, even if it's only a week! A family subscriber told me to continue even if it was just posting pictures because she missed my posts. So I've decided to give it try just doing blog topics.

5 Things I spend my money on

Pasties and Cake. 

So I tend to get from Gail's (rolls and scones) and Konditor - cake and crumbles. There is a West Indian bakery in Dalston where I get spiced bun and sweet bread. They also do a fantastic vegetable pasty. I also love Marks and Spencers turnovers.

The Office Biscuit/Cookie Tin

At my new work place, there is an office biscuit/cookie tin (two old plastic sweet bowls) which is occasionally filled with treats. There is no real rota of who buys what or when, it's just something we do. On some occasions I've bought for the office tin. As you can see, it's just random.  On some days we have a lot, other days nothing. 


Essential for me getting around.

Short breaks and holidays/vacations.

This was my last break in the country side. Normally, I go to Spain but haven't been this year.

Writing Courses

I spend on writing courses where I do one at least a year. This year, it has been self-instruction with Holly Lisle How To Edit Your Novel, last year in 2018, I took two courses - a good romance writing course and then a disappointing general one. The disappointing one was probably because I was advanced and the moderation wasn't up good. It left a sour taste in my mouth, in fact I dropped out half way. Before then, I took a few mini-courses. I also go for workshops and conferences so that where I spend. And of course my subscription to Scribophile - the online writer's workshop - where I'm a member.  It's not too expensive because it's piecemeal - a few quid here and a few quid there. 

No update on Faber Course

I still haven't heard back from the Faber Academy about the select course. However Big Momma says it's will take time, since the tutors are doing it in addition to their day jobs, and the academy is a small operation within publishing house. I think the letter said ten working days, so I should hear by the end of this week.

I'm quite excited either way, after getting over the expense. But then I've saved and there is always the money jar money that can contribute to some costs. Yes, I'm still doing that but will have to catch up at some point.

Knee Pain

My knee hurts badly especially in wet and damp weather. So I visited the physio/physical therapist, and I have been given more exercise but the truth is really about losing weight. I think if I dropped a few pounds - about ten - I'd feel the difference but that is such a big journey for me. However I am in a lot of pain, so I need how I can do this. I know it's easy, cut down food portions but not so easy in real life- this is evidenced by things I spend my money on. 


  1. 😁👍 I really like this one. Nice images. It must be nice having an office biscuit tin to dip into.


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