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New Weekly Goal - Weight Loss - shrinking curveage

Hello Online Friends,

Isn't this image about sexy abundance that is one earth? Rich, indulgent and sexy. Too much of  the  good things in life. I'm like that at the moment.

And yes, I'm a member of Virgin Active but I'm a hot tub and steam room user. I pay the premium for that, let's face it there are plenty of cheaper gyms arounds to go breathless and sweaty in. Nah, just chilling in the spa area is my thing. I've got a sexy type figure so I hold the weight well see the lady below. So I do go the spa, wear figure hugging clothes - normally red - and have  always have sex with the lights.

However I've decided to set a weekly goal of losing at least a pound. A pound you say? What the is point?  I know, I know, I know, it will seem ages before I lose anything but I need to start somewhere.

So lets reveal my current weight. Well according the my life-style gym Virgin Active, I'm 81.6kg which is like appox. 180lbs or 12 stones 12lb. Barely seems worth it, does it? Pretty pointless losing one pound when I have at least 40lb.

Why lost weight at al? My joints are hurting and I do get breathless at times  - walking up hill - so it's time to shrink some curveage. I can always get fat and be my natural indulgent self again once I've reach my goals.

To help me along I've got a fantastic book called Procrastination - Why you do it, What you can do about it NOW by Jane B Burka and Lenora M Yuen. I used this book to get my 17% pay raise. I'll leave a review at some point because I think most people only need 2-3% of the book. However you need to buy the cow here to get the milk. And it was worth it! Before I digress let's tackle my mid-riff and lack of energy.

It's going to be Goal defined in behavioural terms - no pudding at lunch time.

A Behavioural Goal needs to have the following:
  1. It needs to be observable by you and others. Well my colleagues will see me skipping the deserts at work. That will be hard. Maybe I'll have to avoid the staff restaurant but I hate having lunch at my desk. Maybe packed lunch? I don't know but it will be publicly seen that I have no desert. 
  2. it is specific and concrete - yeah losing at least a pound or half a kilo. It sounds barely worth it but I need to try something. 
  3. It can be broken down into smaller does that work? Avoid all chocolates/ candy, don't eat last thing at night...bad habit, I know. So maybe do that for a week. Set a deadline. No dinner past 8.30pm....Not easy.
  4. There first step can be accomplished in five minutes. Geez, how does that work? Okay despite paying Virgin Active, I'll get out an old time exercise video and do that. 
Well that's my goal and I'll report back next week on the progress with drama and whether it happened.

The main reason for this wake up call? I've been obviously grossly overweight for a long time with low energy but a few other things are happening and I'll let you all know near the time. Well it's not that mysterious but I'd rather not commit to blog at this time. 

See you all next week, unless I have something else to natter about.

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