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Week 06 2016 - Goal, general week and catch up! Brewing posh coffee, shopping etc

Work was busy since we are in the process of setting budgets. Not much happening apart from our head has left so we had a nice send off for him.

Coffee is an Art form.

One of my colleagues - co-worker is a coffee connoisseur, and coffee is serious. He grinds his coffee in the office and only drinks real coffee. He uses an aero coffee maker, and intrigued I took some pictures.

He let it brews and mentioned something about coffee having acids and sugars that need to be balanced for a full bodied taste.  However it depends on how people like it. I just thought coffee was out of a machine. This is some of the kit he had in our office kit.

He buys coffee with flovours like Jammy Dodger, Fruit and Nut and  the above. 

Lost my Gym Kit and Bag

I haven’t being to the gym since I lost my gym kit on the train. I ran the ‘lost and found’ and loggied in a report. What I really miss is my toiletry bag which I’d used all over the world, from the USA, Australia, Asia and Africa. I wasn’t a happy duckie since it was a special travel one with a hanger and mirror, and was very expensive. I also had my crocs slippers (flip flops). They were pink and cute. Also expensive.  The thing about it was my swimming suit was the least expensive of everything. Then my gym bag which I’d had for a long time.

I gave some money to the Syria UniCef Appeal. I was on my way home and I saw an appeal with ‘My baby’s hands are ice cold’. It was an appeal to buy baby blankets. There is one thing, I can’t stand: That is being cold. That got me so I sent a donation.

Internet Rationing Update

The rationing is still in place which means I’m reading more books, and learning to relax again. The internet keeps me highly wired, I guess because I’m always checking for something or trying to write or research.

I went shopping today in the cold, the shops were busy for Valentines Day.

Eva Lom Face cleanser

I got my favourite face cleanser. It's called Eva Lom, quite pricy but it lasts so long. I mean it, it lasts for about four - six months so works out the same as the inexpensive stuff. I like it since I find soap is too harsh for my face and I end up with dry patches all over which can be unslightly. So that's what I use with my clarins for my skin routine. Cocoa butter is for my body.

Goals Update

GOAL: Weight Loss

This has stalled and to be honest it’s getting boring so I need to change tactics. I also had a massive whopper since I was craving some junk. So I gave into buying some Burger King

. This got me thinking a person is either a MacDonald’s person or Burger King. It’s like pepsi vs Coke. I’ve always been a Big Whopper person compared to Big Mac. I guess after watching Supersize Me some movie rant against MacDonalds I just stopped buying for it. I don’t know if Burger King is much better but the film just put me off.

I've also eaten a lot of rubbish, yes, I've kept to eating healthy as well but rubbish has crept in. Excuses, blame and faults whatever. I'm still chubby.

Anyway I have an assessment interview in five weeks’ time so I need to fit into my suit which is currently too small. So there is an external deadline now. Also if I'm thinking of moving jobs, I'd ether have to lose the pounds or buy new clothes.

Anyway I’ve gone and bought a rice cooker which should make it easier to plan meals. I used to have one but it got too old and I threw it away.

GOAL: Application for Associate in Progress

I’ve got completed the part I wanted to, and to make it more a solid deadline I have booked the assessment day. Normally the application can be done by post (snail mail), the internet, or a face to face interview. I’ve opted for the last which also costs an extra £100. That is like $145. Plus the associate fees which I’m not sure and the yearly membership fees which is currently £250 ($363). So it’s expensive.

For this coming week I’d planned to take a week off and sit down and complete the whole thing. No such luck. My work had revoked it because of some stuff. I’m not happy about it, however I’ll just have to work around the schedule and make sure this is done.

Well Being

Another thing, I've started doing my affirmations in the morning when I can. This helps because I no longer have internet access during the week so I don't need to log on and check stuff. My current affirmations from the Louise Hay Guru - which was I approve of myself, I am willing to learn, I am willingly to change.

You can use your own or start off with simple ones and make stuff up. Right now I using a few others,. It's a matter of scribbling them down a few times about 8-10 times and saying them out loud.

Do they work? Who knows but they can't do any harm.


So as I said my quarter one goals are still on - To become an assoicate and to lose ten pounds or 5kg in weight by 31st March.

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