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Making Dreams into Reality - Achieving goals and other things

So last week I wrote about my goals and how I’ve staggered them to be achieved over the year. Yeah, that was the simple bit. Easy peasy. Now it’s check in time.

So for this quarter it was really about working towards two main things on my roster. This is real not those made up super motivating blogs.

1) Gaining Associate Status

As mentioned I need to submit a report based on my work experience on why I should be admitted as an associate to my professional body. I have lots of notes but I’m still nowhere near completion which is not good since this is a critical milestone to achieving all the other goals on my list. Without this, I won’t have the time to move on to other things.


I’m still having difficulty in getting a framework or maybe just the confidence to do the write up.  I’ve booked some time off work to get down to it but I’m still on the edge with this one. I guess I’ll just have to keep on going until I get there. I’ve even missed some external deadlines….

Once I’m done with it, I may do some celebratory draw – gift vouchers to Amazon or some online place as a thank you for following my goal hassle.  I don’t know how I’ll arrange it but it’s only two paydays or cheques away so I guess I could spare something small.

Break further down into mini goals

This week -  my goal is complete the write up of my first job within the profession. This meets the SMARTing criteria for goal. Obviously I was getting lost with my broad goals so now I’ve narrowed it down. We shall see.

2) Losing weight

Ah….yes, a minor setback because I’ve been working late and getting very tired. What a silly reason! Well it’s complicated. On my way home is the supermarket which opens up fairly late, so if I’m very tired and low on sugar I just go auto-pilot and buy candy/sweets or some to munch up. Even if alarm bells are ringing in my head I still go into the supermarket.

Then I realised there was flour in the house and made myself chilli pancakes. I like a bit of kick in my pancakes – something about the sugars and heat balancing. Not to digress but the recipe is really easy. Do a normal pancake batter and add some chilli sauce to it. Not sweet chilli sauce, just proper chilli or hot pepper sauce. It gives it a nice kick.

Anyway the long and short of it, is that this losing weight is going to be a challenge if I’m working late or getting too tired.

I also missed a weigh-in this week. Not good.

I need to plan and if possible prepare my meals beforehand.  That’s sounds simple, I know. Well realistically I tend to eat on the go and time is a huge factor. Well not having the time.

 So I’m adding another new sub-mini goals

  1. to work on filling the missing bits and have something for week after next.
  2. Study the weightwatcher eating plan book
  3. Practice planning meals, and sticking to eating them.
When I'm done I'll post the plan here and also if I followed it. I think that's fare. I'll start it from Sunday and we can see...maybe post some recipes - I must add I'm more of an experimental cook who just chucks a load of ingredients in the pan.

Back to you, my dear reader!

I hope your goals, aim or general aspirations are going okay? All this stuff takes effort but we need to keep on until we get there. Comment below if you wish.... the more the merrier. 

Other things happenings

I was off work with a bad cold for two days so couldn’t do much. Work is very hectic at the moment with plenty of changes which I shan’t bore you with. Accounting Guru and Genius had gone left to greener pastures in another organisation. She’s my mentor and taught me lots of stuff about work, life and my profession. I’m happy because she’d gone somewhere where she’ll be top of her game. She’s pretty amazing.

Got a new boss now, who is pretty much Mr Cool, Organised and Laidback (COL).  Seems to like to keep everything calm. He’s very into calendars, and super tidy. More so than Accounting Genius and that’s saying something. Anyway, gave permission to see my calendar which is empty bar from invites from others. I’m not an email calendar person, the kind who every single thing like annual leave and all  that jazz on my calendar. Anyway I’ve decided to try and work with this system of using calendars. 

What do I use you ask? My head and also central holiday booking system. I’m old school.

Blogging Reality shows

I’m currently into the new show Growing Up Hip Hop which seems to have low rating or exposure on social media. I think mostly because it lacks any ratchetness, and is quite classy. Also there is part of it that is very scripted however I think it’s good TV for young people.  

Angela Simmons is a respectable role model even if at times a drama queen and bossy. However it’s a very clean show. She also is hard working and doing things for self. Good role model.

Romeo Miller – charming young man with a twinkle in his eyes. At this point he’s emerging out of his father’s shadow and learning to take his place in the world. He’s confidence, and a nice caring person. Very smooth and playful with his words but generally he defers back to his father 
Master P – big daddy for approval.

Pepa (of Salt and Pepa) is trying to hustle her daughter Egypt a gig, then there is Christina DeBarge trying to make it, and also a host of others. Boogie Dash who seems the sensible Dash after growing up with an opinionated father and auntie (can we forget Stacey).

So all together it’s good, wholesome and clean – a bit like keeping up with the Kardashians.

I’m also watching (not blogging) Zoe Ever After starring Brandy Norwood which is another refreshing bit of TV. I tried watching Stevie and Joseline in Hollywood but got tired of the same old, same old drama. However I wish Joseline all the best and hope she really does something with all this fame. Stevie  too. He had real talents but I guess he needs to kick the buffoonery and focus on being real.

Internet Detox and Rationing

Continues…I had my router back but it was just too much clicking here and there, so I’m going back to no internet access. I was reading up on forum posts and general time-wasting.


I'm thinking of starting a newsletter but not quite sure what it would be about. I like doing lots of things, blogging, cooking, crafts (cards at times), paper cut, reading, writing, watching movies. Also singing.  For now it's an idea burning on the back burner.

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