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52 Week Money Challenge - Week 20 £20 in the pot drama free.

Twenty pound note sterling
Another twenty pound note in the money pot. On the note is some bloke called Adam Smith - 1723 -1790, and there is a quote about 'The division of labour in pin manufacturing: (and the great increase in he quantity of work that result). Charming. See what happens when I run out of things to say, I start looking at what's on the money note rather than spending it. Who does that?

Money pot and twenty pounds sterling note.
Let's do an interesting fact about me. Long long ago, I actual worked for a money printing company. Yes, I did. My days in a real corporate surroundings, not your wishy washy, 'Oh I was in corporate America' stuff....I'm shading anyone, but come on, now. I read that is authors' bios all the time, and I shake my head, especially when they live in some state no one outside the US would have heard of. Oh well, anyway mine was a top listed firm. is what it is.

You can actually see four twenty pound notes in the money pot if you look carefully, so I have at least  eighty quid. Oh well. It's not that interesting.


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