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Weekly update. Verdict on Check It movie, lack of black male role models and normal boring stuff. Oh and I'm still fat.

Weight Loss: Weekly Goal Results and What Next

Weekly Goal Plan to lose weight with Steps and Potential Risk Areas and Pitfalls.

New Weekly Goal - Weight Loss - shrinking curveage

Up Date on Happenings: Newly Single & 17% pay raise.

Mama Flow: Guiding you in what you want.

DRAMA! Kodak Black's says he doesn't like black girls....

Real Life: Up date on 'I like him' situation

Real Life: Pre-teen puts on full face of makeup, plus update on man situation and other stuff.

Real Life: Does he like me? Should I ask him for a drink...sort of?

Hunting Down the book called Procrastination.

Feminine hygiene product care review

Doing product reviews and sharing things I love like or maybe even hate!

Happy New Year!